If you’ve ever been to one of my college placement seminars you’ve heard me talk about the trifecta of college placement and the reason I say this is because the process can be very daunting and overwhelming especially for international students that don’t even know the first thing about how to get a golf scholarship so I break it up into.

Three areas academics athletics and logistics or operations that’s your kind of to-do list right academics are extremely important I cannot stress.

This enough that is the reason when you go to college you called a student athlete you’re a student first when you’re given a golf scholarship a school is actually paying to have you as part of their program and paying for part of your education so academics are critical what some students don’t realize is your academic grades count from the ninth grade through the 12th grade that’s four.
Years of high school so your.

Scores count and they matter so being consistent and working hard throughout your academic high school career is very important second athletics your golf again focus on your process for golf improvement find a good coach folk work on your.

Fitness make sure you have a great tournament strategy so you’re getting those scores and you’re getting exposed to college coaches that are at tournaments where you going to be competing athletics and the third thing logistics join the NC double-a eligibility center send your send your grades to the eligibility center start building your list of schools even if it’s just.

The schools you like right stop building your list of schools and if you’ve seen my video called the matrix that’s a great tool to creating your list of schools because sometimes that’s also overwhelming right start emailing and communicating with college coaches so those are the three areas you want to focus one may be more important for you and that’s your one thing and that’s your individual process this is.

Your journey and I encourage you to work very very hard and find the college opportunity that’s the best fit for you.


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