You have something by Empress adios Empress audience is a band from our neighborhood from Washington DC and there aren’t a lot of bands from this area that are releasing records that are available widely distributed but check out this track and then we’ll talk a little bit see there is there’s a cumbia beat I like the way they switch.

From that sort of electronic techno thing in the beginning to the cumbia beat cuz you know I think we’re both big fans of cumbia not all of it but this one I really like like I said they’re from the DC area and people who aren’t from this area have to understand that it’s like.

It’s almost like a three-state area the district itself there’s Maryland and there’s Northern Virginia and these guys they move around quite a bit like one of the singers said they’re from Venezuela they’re from El Salvador.

Did a lot of Latinos from all over Latin America here in this area and I think that’s reflected in their music they play in the suburbs in Maryland where I live they play out in Northern Virginia there’s an active scene.

Here and I think these guys are the best is the scene out here but you’re not convinced some of its a little cheesy still for me I’ll have to hear some more.

Of this I mean some tracks I just need to take it home and listen to it and kind of digest it the quadruple that track that I just played for you I loved it immediately and I’ve been listening to it for a.

Couple of days it was love at first listen right there’s some tracks I just need to kind of sit on a little bit.

And digest let’s digest this one for a while okay.



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