What is going on everybody Jake fantasy headliners hopefully everybody’s doing well out there on a Saturday night here we go week eight live QA just for you guys this is the show that I’d do for you guys trying to help you answer as many questions as I can listen I know I get a ton a ton of comments.

Like like three shy of a buttload every week and I wish I could get two more of them but I just can’t so I like to start doing these live shows here once a week get as many questions as I possibly can.

Answered for you guys I’m gonna give it just a couple minutes to let some people get in here and.

Then we’re gonna start rapid firing as many questions as we possibly can and.

Yep I got my helmet we’re gonna let it flow tonight gonna have some fun and I’m looking forward to it hopefully everybody’s doing well out there everybody have a good week at work huh yeah everybody raise your hand if you had a good.

Week at work if you didn’t have a good week at work hopefully you had a good week at school or something I don’t know I just got off work so yeah I’m here with you guys now ready for it see what we can come up with here on a Saturday night make sure everybody’s ready for week eight we’re gonna start getting in here into some questions here pretty soon like I said I’m gonna try to answer as many questions as.

I can I got about an hour so we’re gonna be going to about 10:30 p.

Eastern Time one hour for right now yep seeing some hands there what’s.

I see you out there let’s go ahead and start into some questions though let’s get let’s get going so he’s working right now Tim don’t you get in trouble Tim I’m not responsible if you get in trouble at work a lot of questions already I’m seeing already Raheem not quite.

A must start most dirt is already you.

Know making his appearance here in the chat window and and here’s the thing with him if you guys watch my starts it video earlier in the week you saw that is pretty much nothing’s changed if Matt breather sits.

Rahim most art is somebody that i am okay with starting as a flexplay as of right now there’s a chance that matt breda plays he’s got like 16 injuries though so there’s a.

There’s a chance he’s not gonna be able to finish even if he does get a chance to play if you’re in a deep league and you don’t want to take that chance you may want to find a better option Rahim o start if he gets the start against one of the worst run defenses in football.

In the Arizona Cardinals he could be a decent play for you guys all right let’s see here Mitchell Adams what’s going on man another great week same for you same for me standard league running back to you got Collins Chubb or Murray keep up the good work well first of all I appreciate that so we’re going Collins Chubb or Murray and I know why you’re asking this question none of these guys really have an absolutely great matchup right I mean you’re kind of worried about all of them the Saints defense even.

Is improved there for for latavius Murray even though he’s starting for the injured Dalvin cook it’s a toss-up it really is and it’s difficult I know but you so in this case you’ve got to go with who’s going to get the volume Collins up and down he’s gonna get you right around 12 to.


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