All right how’s everybody doing welcome to the stream my name is Jeff from TF gaming make sure you follow us on twitter at d underscore of underscore gaming how is everybody today thank you faint Thank You enemy boy and thank you xx all are I was kidding thank you so much for coming man it’s been a while how.
You doing we’re gonna go right back into this if.

I remember oh I played oh man when okay 10:56 this is Friday this is Saturday so I’m guessing them.

Doing a Saturday it’s been a while guys last time I touched it it’s the last time I streamed it so about an hour and whatever no I didn’t want to train I did not want to train right now what time is it.

It’s 10:00 okay I can the can train I guess maybe try to get used to the controls again okay okay yeah okay this is the.

Run button I don’t know what this does I’m yeah still surprised they didn’t bother changing the controls how is that one doing man I know fate is lurking so he says.

Let’s train that’s right let’s train labor was kicking guys wish to train specific boobs oh my training boot Oh tiger I don’t even.

Know how to do it but I’m gonna do it alright I save again I say over save that you can clearly see that machine is like that Dreamcast memory card thing that they had for a while the PDA thing that they had all right you know what let’s just go to bed we’re still looking for the dad’s killer long day updated.
The overlay I don’t know if you guys enjoyed that hope you guys liked.

It I liked it ask sudo org or sudo or casa su casa check it shop okay I’m guessing this I’m supposed to dude sick soul are you still around man where’s he going where is Charlie Hunnam Charlie’s hurt Charlie’s a biker I should visit knocking motorcycle shop for inspiration I don’t know if I’ve done that.

Charlie has a bomb tour – I’m tattoo black leather jacket sunglasses rides hog bars that say there’s frequent I think I’ve been to those say there’s a word for Hong Kong or Shanghai Empire import to me.

Know about Chinese mafia must find sailors pretty shot at this yeah okay fainter fades smiley faces man in wish they help loses control it kind of lazier them for not for them to not I’m pretty sure the way this was um it’s gone through their minds and just like this mrs. up too many things so whatever well maybe they didn’t you never know feet the knocked off.
This guy just gets allowance check your shop.

Here we go where’s the jack is out jack Ed’s Joe Peters something right now I’m gonna go turn right way no way all the way down to a right turn right be one last ah oh my mother oh come on you’re missing you the girl what what I just came by here uh-huh it’s nine o clock didn’t know okay I’m sure the jacket shop isn’t open either so I.

Don’t know Oh cut see ya oh no thunder no no I did the whole day already horses neigh horses.

Neigh car hmm so Donna should I buy him guys jet soda grape feu de orange shrewder jet.

Cola coffee what should we do oh very good or email us no no no no no no yeah Oh Janine your ass good start agree no I want to buy 100 Hey oh man I just skip why just missed that chance – Oh real your dick flip monetary come on.

Come on bad well not designed for streaming this team we’re so used to not having timers on anything or if there’s a time we’re so used to.

I mean it’s kind of cool when it does happen but it kind of sucks because you’re expecting to see one fish shops do is that what most cool time sequences yeah no kidding it that’s why.

I mean though like you don’t know at this point you kind of you kind of see a barn in Jamaica sherry Veronica sorry Houdini this demeanor out of that no shiranai name Sokka Tom’s really bad week that great nothing that Oh she’s not pretty oh.

There’s the jagged sharp is that jacket shot see you guys there oh yeah it’s kind of a joke oh sure sorry del tacos I’ll sit in this car Joey Votto it’s more.

Clear on our cars on this angle up there within here is me out on this oh just a mascot oh oh hi sorry I got soda scar grass jelly my mouth.

So no identity no to go out eat down the wash you need tomayto got no water yesterday how’s it going couple of this is.

AB yeah by the way guys let me know if everything’s okay looks ok sounds good on my side but you know I’m hearing myself talk which is interesting trying stream labs OBS for.

The first time Oh thing what sane and Jupiter’s.

Jagged at seven ish okay yeah I like that thank God for that system coming is that why is he walking around Charlie Delta guanajuato city my thinka Charlie yeah Charlie no Candyman so this guy Oh your tongue how do I hit there like a yak started off everyone’s trying to get money from me yeah oh no choice at all this time god damn homeschool games you know so this car well I’m not talking to you anyway go away go away lady down the time tell your.

Younger miss you tonight do you know anyone called Charlie gouging God is here for I’ve got a matter I’m not sure could I cause I need Congress there we didn’t eat it in the article two lucky star oh crap the bottom thing is cutting up the potatoes hey I just noticed hmm I gotta fix what those guys Jeff is prepared yeah BAM I just noticed that it’s covering the subtitles yeah magista oh sorry to you Nicole cinema single sure don’t know to.

Kuroneko’s any hungry us there we they need is amused out openness somebody kogarashi oh sorry to your to Guatemala listen we’re not done there sorry Toyota call cinema think I saw you guys in Kona yo Karen I just could only call Johnny’s hungry out there who.

Didn’t know the war’s your only one like that so they know more so you got yeah he makes bread every day but you ungrateful son my dad made great bread by like hotdogs let me talk to you I know and then I got you a lot taken a tiny still okay no one’s trying to help with the murder fair enough you are talking about murder oh she’s pretty daddy dildo Conoco talk she might think nice video goon my pocket she.

Knows charlie we got a hand yeah yeah skip it let’s take you listenin huh so this car Charlie Delta he don’t know your oh no my.

Money back oh yeah still not gonna do another here can you see Luna cutter he know yet Donna good good let me talk to her again – I can get some more out of.

Her he goes I’m sorry so we know.

He hangs around here Charlie realizes the sheriff first this one guy know she’s repeating let’s see if this guy knows danger okay so he’s the manager Jerry thought of Iquitos and Sangha Oh autumn only 30 community.

Organizer Marty I know you Charlie’s dead boku no.

Yoko ono restaurant you try to pull a food poisoning orders from Yokohama was good.

For nothing important things is bad so this time so anything where is he no don’t you walk away from it no goddamn controls from the 90s all right Oh bye jack oh yeah chardee chardee chardee me now my porno now going industries.

Well they go you’re dead don’t hand the stockade octopus are know me what our Gandhi’s name ah they mow down a day oh yeah I guess I’m.

Going to water dragon Akasaka where is that let’s see let’s go oh wait it’s all good that’s a car like what is a what is a a Kazakh where is that a water dragon they go after the fish store okay so we can go there you Charlie be Yakuza oh I’m.

Fight yet I haven’t played this game you know if I haven’t gotten into any fights yet really there it is I should.

I should ask him on this guy I know there it is there is Charlie Charlie Charlie hey that’s him right I’m gonna kick you off – yeah come on King tackle tackle in Rio BAM how do I say lady just gonna follow it down I.

See wow I see no oh no he’s gone no no no no no no you’re not leaving my sight yeah.

Don’t get off the bike so I can punch you in the face yeah Charlie been waiting for you Charlie you’re gonna tell me everything you know about the Chinese guy they killed my dad I know hey go Charlie not you thankful to God I know our are no longer he dying mmm okay.

Charlie Charlie is he not charlie okay he’s not charlie he doesn’t have a black jacket on apparently Charlie has a black jacket right Oh guys go you try talkin to me I.

Know you don’t go to God I know all right back to the back to the fish shop or the water dragon thrift shop all right how’s everybody doing today man oh I just have fade here today you gonna borrow a kid or an old yeah Wow.

I won’t where’s the he’s a Obata period kini Obata not that now they call your dad right yeah oh yeah yeah yeah oh no a lot of yonkers I’ve seen there let me ask about the don’t go on there I am going there man yeah I don’t get it is it this way then is it this way No I don’t get it I do not get it said to you there’s water dragon I see water dragon Joey gonna know that he got getting it out you know I’m not trying to make you go get.

But how do you not know Rio hayasaki ask about manga manga.

Industry hey Rio now like mr. boss hot doggy you China Korea transpire coward who Aikido quanto is a cname Salonika Tom me Yoko Ono yeah yeah no Hannah Sharona Kunis are at shoes Mourinho is Matsu now I call you latter Kanagawa I don’t know mr. Nagaya hotdog katoki Hanna’s to ducky this is oka okay so I thought that was down I don’t get.

It possessed water dragon that’s water dragon then I should be able to see that where I was right I know you got.

It hmm can we ask the fish now they call.

You up there no economist gonna answer up chance oh oh sorry oh good ma what are you are there has to him please actor Senegal go back to Socorro Gaga death can’t speak okay let’s go Sakurako okay what do you say past.

What damn it I forgot he said past what yeah let me ask something kinky oh stop yeah yeah now they called your no combat a hamburger place what hamburger please that’s mr. Kubik or non-committal Koko takia Mataji mas three masses or non-committal youth name yeah Tata me time o non-comedic Oh Kodaka yeah what now where’s that stupid hamburger place it’s this damn burger place no that’s just a marked oh this is the.

Hamburger place past the hamburger place decay and.

Then what a dragon – oh right this is water dragon – oh sure yeah now they cure somebody all are their clothes okay select their clothes now guy industries nope not this way let’s go this way do we have here there we go oh right in there how the music the music is.

Yo I love this music it’s great say my thing use me Cory Johannes in nomina arigato Moyer I know Choctaw design the schedule so nobody eater known.

You was a to know cause your.

Honor jinsol yummy I am our engineers oh the hell you talk to you hold on would Egon.

Ah sorry sweetie – oh God so he hangs around the surplus store okay talk to Big Boss then saga don’t want man Big Boss I know yeah Big Boss come on man why is he sitting like this like a baby this legs up not even a cool way jus he doesn’t have him crossed he just has him up like he’s gonna give birth yeah what the hell wait it is like like he’s gonna.

Push real hard and baby easy to pop out you just chillin yeah look at the way you say though I can’t get over it alright push mrs.

Head okay what does he drop the deuce yeah horizontally gonna shoot it right at the table this guy’s like big-time fake tough music of dead what shut up you don’t know me let’s go to this door goddamn I like this game but goddamn the 90 controls man holy crap okay let’s go to the surplus store oh look funny watering up okay he’s gonna kill somebody you know it you oh yeah you know I’m okay man started.

Yeah are you calling my genes ugly I got some nice jeans on what the hell is up with that cross in front of the chest who puts a cross in front of the judge no you sit under ya ready to drop the deuce yo oh yeah surplus store where’s that.

Circle store again oh yeah there it is Furniture.

Bank I mean you yeah but no come on come on Charlie we’ll be in do it don’t worry tonight okay so that’s all it’s telling me it’s just like ya ain’t gonna be here I guess there’s nothing for me to do during this time could ha oh but Charlie oh yeah sorry yeah yeah I got my knee meet animosity okay so this.

Car yeah yeah yeah he’ll be here at 7:00 so let’s go to let’s go somewhere else for now let’s go to sakuragaoka I don’t know where why we wouldn’t go to sakuragaoka but wait this isn’t the way to South America I thought it was run friendly he’s running a lot there you go that’s got to be sakuragaoka there.

You go I want to see the cat again let’s go let’s go see the cat if I talk to this Charlie guy they’re not a drive man oh wait nope nope yep yep whether the shrine is I don’t like that shrine the good thing is I’m not running I’m not running too much the map isn’t huge or as I can oh there it is saskia god damn it come on mega me no I’m gonna name him Sasuke.

I’m going to name this girl Sasuke Sasuke you know my dad oh god damn it let me leave a cat Sasuke Sasuke yep damn it all right let’s look at the.

Get hmm it madam at least I know for my laughs what am i doing okay sasame good night guys yeah my banner damn it Jim goddamnit Megami why the hell would you not let me call it Sasuke wait I can’t.

Pray all right all right I can’t play I can’t pray brother apparently I can’t speak you there apparently what’s around here I forgot his best bud lives around here too I think oh no I guess not so good either you know Amy day than I do let’s delay when I push the run button this funny push the Run button he’d like think about it and then and then he goes you just came this way.

Makes a u-turn and goes back home alright you do your thing man in the.

Rain all right we’re gonna go who’s she talking to what’s up everyone hey Beast how’s it going thank you for joining us dream what time is it where.

You are come on this was like 4:15 right now now you got it yeah okay I’ll ask and then I.

Can’t ask you let me talk to my my buddy you know Takashi I think it’s Takashi I’m good you I am very sleepy but I’m also very yeah I’m right.

Takashi and then I’m happy that I.

Get to stream again okay it’s been a while since i streamed this games um i’m always actually kind of happy to dive into this world again i kind of know this place even though i haven’t played it for too long like I kind of have an idea of where everything is I don’t know it was.

Just very simple but great memorable design but it’s a nice little world – lets go in – how you doing.

Today beast what are you up to going to school all right this morning over here is really dark outside oh man is winter already why am I asking it of course it’s winter well it’s turning winter ah what was I gonna say yeah what time is it then Sweden right I always forget nisi.

Though let’s go talk to any Sheena guys – chicken are no okay let me see if I was right yeah I was right excuse me all right that’s right that’s famous same run.

Run run run game right everyone damn right out run I wonder if I can train here right now yes I get to Train oh no I don’t can I train all story oh no he’s going to die ah you know there something for this guy drunken boxing the time it’s 6:40 why are you up at 6:40 and you yeah Melissa based.

EF school or something oh yeah give me not to chew it or I’m gonna learn yes I knew you could fight yeah of school okay soaps peaceful humans go for one major that what’s your major have you ever.

Learn this means meter whoops Tom I owe he is farted mic up start yeah my said yo cannibal Shia committed wasn’t he oh no go like yo it Cove.

A stranger after all she needs is usual coming hold on you can teach me no of course you can accept anyone’s like teach your move the one thing I smell mmm.

Say no no time like the present yeah couple me or.

Sickness you can be taken mother forgive a hunch during sessions with authority cumin show though huh not oligo concern a dead mother oh thanks Lee okay I thought so I don’t know what wait it’s a button prompts am i doing yes hey congedo I think you are then she taught ordinate and silver for watching its color and show those with your heart arms we are.

Tame enough noise then you cut away turning.

Over the Gita song och got overhyped or wrong okay okay okay oh oh I did it mmm lady well no time to call.

The minutes on the Optio say Micucci tiny army does not add another six to.

Zero to circuit or telephoto their euro yolks are lighting more show you got store you will for acting on Tony minutes Rita yes I’m gonna practice some more yeah I got a.

Role Bravo ah man all right thing thank you so much yeah see around man as always much love there is well the timing in this game is ridiculous when we.

Call me oz oh okay I’m sorry my fate yeah by fate hi guys Walker says get it Chris come on oh okay together yeah I got it yeah.

It’s Jimmy Thomas fuck you he’s only 18 thank you for checking out the stream while you’re making breakfast or have you logged.

On for any reason yeah Andrew double blue has been mastered and that took a while yeah oh god that’s a huge added breakfast what.

Does that pancake bacon a drumstick and then a big egg whoa look at that I got it BC oh yeah Oh boom 1700 huh for some reason I don’t know why you guys I just thought that everybody’s like.

Keep practicing nope okay let’s go back here come on real practice some more I want to practice some more they turn around turn around you start that.

In practice yeah now I’m not get that I dig on utakata yeah you will what your what let’s let’s assign that to Alton I don’t get it so there’s that okay boom boom I don’t.

Know what the bar does in my thing something’s gonna keep like practicing this I fell off that bar see what happens cake okay I can’t back him look at me just mashing.

Not know what this does what does it do when this bar raises well it’s not even raising okay coconut any still go no dammit I fine oh yeah seven o clock it’s nighttime yeah there.

It is now we’re gonna go see that Charlie guy oh shoot run into walls Oh God god damn nineties controls holy Kaba sky darkened a.

Nanny no tacos sushi date fighter you are very strong Charlie Toyota when he was toasted oh my god on toka friend Oh NATO shinjinai yoga guy named Furio Gerry near our Saturday Oh see getting set up I’m still here just not gonna talk that much okay thanks Beast just thanks for hanging out thanks for checking it out yeah setup he forgot to name my decanter screw boy who is this well they all white oh.

Look at that you guys I’m gonna show you my new movie oh oh oh oh my god you can kill let’s go check your Chan – shit Jackie Chan oh oh oh okay I found my I found.

A good move friend owned a friend over here.

Oh take that the hit detection is weird it’s like my first fight give me a face Oh biggest fake use it bring it bring it oh look at fingers.

Fingers through your arm through your arm kick his face kick his face come on come on oh they vanished tattoo.


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