All right let’s make this short sweet to the point rereading the title of this video obviously you can tell I’m not doing cars anymore at all I’m done that’s it OOP cut off cars have just been my life and now I’m no longer doing cars period ever again alright that’s it bye no I’m kidding but really though how.
Somebody who’s built their car one.

Trophies at events have made videos with that dude in blue Danny Courtney have had my car featured at Auto con on TJ hunts channel Dustin Williams channel made videos.

With supercar suspects premium auto styling throttle and being involved with clean culture as an actual certified member of clean culture and then just drop everything and no longer be.

Involved with the car scene I’ll tell you I’ll tell ya okay so really I’m not like just abandoning the car scene I love cars and I’m gonna stay in cars what the goal.

Of this video to do was is to just put out the reality of where I’m at with doing car stuff and.
Only this video I want to make it more so like a discussion and.

Like how do you guys feel about it so personally this is my experience being in the car scene okay when I first started modifying my car film it have the time of my life go to like a Thursday.

Night meet and then just meet new people and have fun and just show off what I did not really to like show off.

But to like you know just bond with people who’ve done the same thing and you know go through the process of building your.

Car and it was just the coolest thing let’s get this out of the way I’m not doing meats anymore period like I’m not talking about shows I’m talking about meat so I’m not going out on Thursday Friday Saturday nights I’m.

Not just going to some local car me I’m not doing that anymore and it’s because the car scene has changed so drastically and now I’m not trying to make this video to be negative I’m just trying to say it like kind of the.

Reality of where my situation.

Is so like I was saying I like to work on my.

Car and I enjoy doing that and the fun of it is for my own personal enjoyment for me my car and I’ve said this from the very beginning it’s all about the.

Journey and it’s all about the experience that you have for me I like to drive my cars and I like to build them to drive them because that’s what they’re meant to do and the experience that you create every time that you sit behind the wheel is just like the craziest thing and I love it now that I’ve.

Built my car all crazy and ridiculous the car scene from when I first started you guys can even ask Chris super car suspects disclaimer I didn’t ask him this prior.

Or anything like that I would I just feel like you.

Can’t not admit and Chris couldn’t even admit himself the car scene branded it was crazy.

When he was filming it don’t.

Get me wrong but it wasn’t to the point that it is now I feel like the car scene has drastically changed and when I first started doing.

Like modifications and stuff it was kind of the name of the game if you modified your car you knew you had the potential to get in trouble right but.

Most of the time out here in like Orange County la fontana rancho anywhere in.


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