G’day world-wide-web blued up with another edition of a personal best now it’s the Coogee car from Caulfield featuring a couple of good dolphin rails jumped away quickly pushing forward with the outside Sir Charles Road semi veer between them they’re getting their positions pretty quickly the inside best of days went straight to the fence is going to hunt through.

To third Mohammed day is 50 outside of life less ordinary and telly is going to drop back to the tail 1,500 metres to go in its mask of time for Karin McEvoy already on the board today leading by a length and a half to Sam aveer.

One of the outsiders of the field best of days as third the fence and in came Sir Charles Road a leaked and a half to life less ordinary Mohammed iesson to further back in the.

Field to telly so they climb up towards.

The 1300 metres at the back.

Field and it’s mask of time the pace sitter by length and three-quarters to semi veer and best of days errs third fourth is satchels Road.

And they were followed by life less ordinary second last.

Muhammad a us and at the end of the field is telly a thousand metres to go and it’s mask of time under its own steam by a length and a quarter sickeness sama veer.

And third the insiders best of days getting a lovely run in transit fourth in the races to Charles row Darlington a quarter away to life less ordinary who is effectively three back on the inside in fifth place and then came Mohammed a us and at the end of the.

Field is telly to the railway.

Side 800 meters out mask of time is the leader no excuses by three quarters semi V is getting a bit closer now and then came best of days whose poise perched right behind them third then sir Charles Road mohammad iose.

Lifts the slipstream to sit fifth out 3d from life less ordinary and at the back is tally who’s tacked on only four links top in detail mask of time quickens at the 400 meters from sama via Charles Road then best of days who needs a run behind those horses Mohammed day has swept up out deeper tracked by.

Of time now pissed of days gets the split at the 200 metres gets off the back of mask of time and is in hot pursuit in his.

Mask of time with best of days he’s having trouble getting past Mars time in the shadows moves up takes the leap festive days masks of time kicks back pierced of days is run it by a pimple for in second mask of time life less ordinary third.

Know the commentator was wrong that one ended in a dead heat between a mask of time and best of days if you find personal best incredibly informative just like me be sure to like and share.


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