Oh thank god oh hey another person of reason and it’s a woman this time mary carillo and it’s on NBC she has absolutely superb she covered all the basis on this and she has literally you know torn Serena Williams apart for her behavior in in this nonsense saga Serena Williams let’s play disgracefully and this lady has stated that.

Not a racist he’s not a sexist especially not a sexist I mean for her to come.

Up with saying that this is you know sexism and all this kind of business.

It is it honestly it’s great to see.

This lady I’m not gonna play anything because I’m probably into trouble but this lady made it very clear that Serena Williams was wrong and it she’s made it very clear the.

Rules are the rules she should have fallen the rules that coach clearly stated that he.

Was coaching he admitted he was coaching so what’s the problem and you know she’s saying that at the end that everybody’s bearing down.

And wrong no matter what reason his name is the umpire as this will you know the literally the pantomime villain he did nothing.

Wrong he followed the rules and you know all this nonsense about oh you know women are treated differently in tennis or in sports this is the reason why then want to go to matches where you know they can go and watch their sports in peace you know but we’re getting situation now more on this is more and more nonsense coming in the the Tampax tank box for instance there are quarter of the the football matches now women go to and there was a story up in Glasgow with I.

Think Alaska Rangers where and I’ve covered this before where the the women are trying or implying that women are treated.

Badly because there aren’t free tampons specifically provided for women you know you know this toilet paper provided for everybody in and and and soap why isn’t their temples provided for free for women and I’ve covered the point that the toilet paper and the soap isn’t it.
Free it’s been paid full by the players by the.

Fans before they get into the stadium so who’s gonna pay for the tampons with only one half of that population is going to use those temples which is women may not what what the men billing is a temple for you don’t really want to imagine it so why should men pay for something that they’re not going to use it doesn’t matter because these.

Temples not only not provide a problem in football clubs are sexist here we have Serena Williams bitching that she was badly trimmed by the very badly.

Treated by the umpire yet Mary Carillo has pointed out that there was no way that this umpire is racist or sexist he is a strict umpire plain a simple.

And because he hasn’t you know penalized another male player in the.

Past in the same way as Sarina he’s irrelevant things evolve over time and as time goes on he may have said right the next time something like this happens again I’m gonna penalize this person you know this point for saying something but I mean it’s the first time he’s been called.

A liar and a thief and so for him that was was too much she violates the code and she you know she got she got she got dealt with but what I’m very very pleased about is mary carillo has completely 1000% health and backed mr. Romm ass that said that he did absolutely nothing wrong and everything was down to because Karina.

You know that this girl started crying and you know Sarita say no you know you need to stop now because she was the.

One that caused the problem in the first place she was the one that created this situation in the first place and I’m working is that you know.

There’s a fat blob on the come on here let me see no he isn’t saying that you know bringing in color again at all you know you know racism against this kind of.

Business I don’t care what some ruling winners being through okay I don’t care she’s a woman that’s eighteen eight million dollars from the circle racism.

That she’s received she’s done very nicely from it thank you very much okay she’s done very nicely from it thank you very much and I think it’s tougher.

For her to retire as the so-called greatest athlete of all time yeah so just my ring going off ring doorbell you know as the greatest athlete not female athlete the greatest athlete of all time that’s what some of these nutcases are saying Mary is one of the few it seems to me reason people of reason the few and she’s she’s very I mean I’d love to play the.

Videos she’s very very strong on that point the Carlos has got nothing to be ashamed of and has done nothing wrong I felt I need to visit.

The second time because I think this is another situation again where men are getting under attack I don’t care about what problems there are a few women out there that I respect she’s one of them Mary and you know there’s a lot of women that I don’t really respect because it seems to me.

That they’re looking for every opportunity this is an opportunity to talk about a situation that hasn’t occurred doesn’t occur and to say that the referee sexist simple solution men a spinner.

Straight with women’s men’s tennis only women administrate.

Women terse only listen Serena Williams has got a track she’s abuse – female officials in the past maybe more okay these haven’t been.

Picked up it’s time that she she she retired you know she’s she’s for me as a black person she’s not a role model she’s not mobile anymore she she’s done she’s finished she got whipped.

Young girl 20 years of age the first one I think in March now she’s.

Come back and she got whipped again HEA my kid she’s got blades somebody anyway that’s my.

View pass this on to everybody else we need two men this is we need to consistently be on guard because unfortunately the evil feminists are coming after you and we need to stand up strong and we.

Need to fight against this evil feminist propaganda stand up to this propaganda of nonsense especially from an a buffoon like Serena’s good day and thank you for listening.


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