Join now on the phone by Yahoo Sports his Pete famil and Pete about crazy day I mean just to give an indication you were with us on a show a matter of hours ago on Wednesday and we were talking about kind of going forward here for DJ Durkin and now later in the very same evening talking about the.

Aftermath of DJ Durkin what’s your sense on everything that went down here.

Over the last twenty eight hours or so at Maryland well I think what happened here really was that common sense prevailed in one.

Sense and then public pressure in political pressure and student pressure prevailed in another sense no one could argue reasonably that DJ Durkin was going to come back and be a successful head coach at the University of Maryland he only had two years left on his contract and the cloud that was going to hang over his tenure both in recruiting student athletes and recruiting coaches in just pushing forward was going to be too dark for him to survive.

Extended period of time which is one of the reasons why the common reason why it’s so stunning they brought him back as he was going to fail I mean the only thing that would have got worse publicity than then bringing DJ Durkin back would have been extending his contract considering the circumstances so how do you think the board misgauged this situation as dramatically as it did well the board chair did say was drinking gin Dave so maybe that was recent I say that Jeff I was.

A miss time to attempt to humor on his part.

No doubt yes it was certainly a mistimed attempt at humor and in at bat places look I don’t know.

How they could have done that but this reeks of political infighting they clearly had a bone to pick with Wallace Lowe Wallace Lowe ends up losing his job in this whole thing he’s stepping down.

In June Wallace Lowe did not mention DJ Dirk his name in that in that debacle of a press conference the other day and.

So one would have to think that that ego has got in the way of common sense here but I just again I want to reiterate there was no way DJ Durkin would have worked there in the long term there certainly could have been some financial overtones to this.

Maryland does not have a lot money and they are not going to get a full.

Until 2020 2021 which is obviously you know two full seasons away so because of that.

Eating the five million dollars the Durkin is going to be Oh in the buyout because they were they were not able to find cause to fire him certainly would have been.

A certainly would have been a factor here I mean they if they had found a reason if I were to deter because they would have but that didn’t necessarily.

Mean they weren’t they shouldn’t have let him go they they needed to see Dave the overriding factors here and just optics that’s that’s what totally.

Was missing was any vision for optics Pete thamel from Yahoo Sports Pete thanks for all your work on this and appreciate your insights here tonight Thanks.


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