Bokke Rio is a golf club whose members observe the etiquette of golf we have a high standard of safety dress code consideration for other players and care of the playing field and traditions of the game however these last two items can always be improved and it is in this spirit that we are passing on important tips to help.

Maintain our level of excellence proper repair of ball marks.

On greens is extremely important for helping maintain putting green surfaces that are smooth and free of unsightly.

Blemishes of brown grass please take time to find the ball mark that your golf shot to the green produces ball marks may vary in shape and depth but all of them.

Can be repaired correctly with a golf tee or any type of ball mark repair tool that has one or two pointed tines insert the pointed in of the repair tool behind the turf at the rear of the ball mark that is tufted up above the green surface and gently pull the turf.

Toward the center of the ball mark then use the repair tool to gently pull in turf around the sides and front of the ball mark until turf covers the.

Ball mark as much as possible remember that the goal is to restore a smooth surface and promote quick healing of the displaced turf tap down the turf in the ball mark with your foot or a putter avoid inserting the repair tool into the center or margins of the ball mark and raising the turf straight up this can tear roots and slow the recovery process for the displaced turf ball.

Marks will heal very quickly when they are properly repaired within a few minutes after they.

Are produced by a golf shot when ball marks are not repaired in a timely fashion the displaced turf dries out and the result is a surface depression and brown spot where the turf has died proper divot repair with green sand will promote quick healing of damage produced by golf shots from tees fairways and refs Bermuda grass divots which are displaced turf resulting from a golf.

Shot have very little root material as a part of the divot and will rarely survive when placed back in the divot hole Bermuda grass turf quickly regenerates from the bottom and.

Sides of the divot hole and allows the damage to be healed in a few days.

Filling the divot hole with green sand helps keep the playing surface smooth and promotes faster lateral growth and coverage of the new turf over the.

Surface of the divot hole use your foot or a golf club to smooth the green sand placed in the divot hole to be level with the surrounding turf proper raking of footprints and bunkers is also very important for.

Maintaining the best possible playing and aesthetic conditions on the golf course always enter the bunker on the lowest spot that is near where.

Your bunker shot will be played from stepping down into the bunker from higher slopes of the bunker faces will often result in damaging the turf or displacing large amounts.

Of sand on the slopes take the rake into the bunker with you as long as you don’t disturb the sand near your golf ball you are allowed by the rules of golf to lay the rake down in the bunker while playing your bunker shot after your bunker shot is played carefully rake your footprints out behind you as you exit the bunker try not to move more sand than is necessary to.


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