Hello everyone my name is Nova and welcome back to another minecraft video today we are back in bored craft and if you don’t know Warcraft is it is the main minecraft series on my channel in which I builds if I would explore in my vanilla world and as always that’s a mouthful to say but yes as you can.

See by the title of this episode we are going to be having a horse race around board craft but of course before we do that we need to say hello to Polly.

The parrot how are you doing today yay her silent streak is over she finally sounds like her old natural bird itself again I hope you have a wonderful day Polly anyway today we are going to be joined by where is she I don’t know where she is bye a okay you’re just gonna have to come out Sophia I can’t keep up this for any longer otherwise my voice might actually go out and I will.

Literally die Sophia Sophia where are you hello are you around are you dead Sophia hello um what is Sophia I could have sworn she was here like two seconds ago less than two seconds ago oh well hello.

Out of nowhere no it’s a call yeah weird be enjoyed by a Sophia today and we’re going to have a horse race so here’s some saddles and without further ado let’s just go ahead and head on to the horse stable and begin the race so if you didn’t see the last two episodes basically we’ve been building a horse.

Table where the old dog house used to be an outside of episode we made this racetrack around the town and if you can see like all the way over there it goes around the town that way and it comes and loops around this way and basically.

You just have to race around the whole town and it’s kind of like a nice like little track to get a view of like the entire board craft area because you don’t really get to much I mean there’s not much transportation in my world and you really can only like walk and run around it even from here you don’t get to see like much because well you’re only.
Like two blocks tall so you your knots all out to.

See everything but hopefully on a horse we shall get some nice views of.

The town and be able just to look at everything that we built over the past 99 episodes but yeah let’s go ahead and start the race now so Sophia be sure to pick your horse.

Pick any horse that you want you from inside of here Oh where’s Sophia going by Oh Sophia girl are you going to to pick a horse or anything you can pick with from inside of here I’m gonna think.

I’m gonna pick I think I want this one it has some spots of me oh oh we’re competing for the same horse then no I.

Think I want this one because it has some spots on it and it might I don’t know who lows they might be like some lucky spots or something I don’t know so they might give.

Me a luck streak or they might not and he might be like this slow as tours ever but yeah Sophia be sure to pick your fighter pick your horse that you want to race me on and yeah just jump out of there.

The stable shouldn’t be too difficult yeah they’re a good jump over the carpet but yeah I guess we’re gonna start there the horse race so there are a few rules okay there’s no going out of bounds.

You can’t take any shortcuts okay no shortcuts you have to stay on the track and if you fall in water you have to push yours out of the water and lose all the time that you wasted just getting those out of the water if that makes sense so yeah so it’s.

You mess up because if you mess up I’m not gonna help you but yeah.

Let’s go ahead and begin the race so Sophia.

When you ready come to the start line and we will begin in three two one go go go go go we I have pick I have a little bit of a head start over to Sophia let’s just hope I continue to have this head start so there are a few hurdles along the way I think it C Sophia’s.
Demonstrating here we need to jump over all the hurdles there’s.

Of course just different types there’s water ones and there’s like fallen trees around and yeah I just think the water wants are what’s going to hurt me the most yet see I got caught in the water there but yeah the water ones might um hurt me the most mostly because yeah my horse.

Isn’t very fast that I don’t think horses like water very much so if it does get caught I in there then that would not be great for me but here we go.

We’re now in like the Viney section we have to make our way over here jump over the water there we go and how I put my head a little bit there but that’s fine so if he is actually way ahead of me.

I had a head start at the beginning but Sophia is just like blazing ahead and hey what are you waiting for me you’re not supposed to wait for me it’s a horse race you’re supposed to try and win but here we go.

Let’s jump over this hurdle there we go nicely done it did it very I didn’t do it very well.

Though I like slammed my horse into the obstacle and then jumped over it I want to try to get better at these but here we go there’s a really big water jump and there we go stick the landing and oh I guess we both kind of feel that this jump let’s go around here there we go it’s kind of like weird to commentate like hey it’s kind of work to accommodate when I’m riding on a horse.

I have to like be like a like a official like a horse race commentator here we go we’re going over this one this one’s a little bit tricky because we’re going over like a really tight stretch there but there we go managed to stick that jump landing very well leave.

No now we just have to jump over this one and this one’s a tricky one cause it’s two blocks and there we go.

Manage to and Sophia is still stuck behind there but let’s jump over here nicely done nicely done horsey I just realized my horse doesn’t have a name yet so if I.

If I’m just calling it like horse then don’t blame me because I still haven’t named any of them I haven’t looked at your comments but okay let’s jump over here there we go oh I got stuck in the in the ceiling but that’s fine now we just have to go really tightly around this corner there we go lap one is almost complete.

Let’s just hope you don’t get caught in this ceiling and lap one is so nearly complete I just have to go through this.

Final shot you know my horse got stuck in the water that lost me a bit of time my goal is to make it so that I can play each lap in under like three minutes and I don’t actually know how long that left but maybe it was shorter but yeah I definitely did lose a lot of time in that one I can’t even see where Sophia is at this point she’s so far behind she she.

Might actually be stuck on one of the hurdles maybe I’ll pass her going around in my second lap here.

But here you go another water one there we go now we just have to jump over this leaf one like we did before I’m getting the hang of these these obstacles here if you jump earlier then it actually helps you because you can actually stick the landing better and your horse will still be like up in the air if that makes.

Sense like if you jump early your horse to actually get onto the block rather than.

Just like slamming right into it but here we go now we’re going over this hurdle did he do so well there but that’s fine now we have to go over the river here and jump over this one there we go manage to do that one and over the falling tree.

There we go and over this one okay not as good okay I did slam my horse once again into the the.

Wall there which wasn’t very good but that’s fine now for this one there we go nicely done and over the water and whoo that was very close I almost liked immediately got.

Caught in the water there but just.

Managed to save myself so let’s go around.

Here now and over this one and by the way I don’t know if I mentioned but Sophia will actually be recording her screen up for this as well so while I’m you know doing my track in my you I will be switching over to Sofia’s view every now every now and then so that you can see.

You know where she is if she’s caught on the track or something but here we go let’s go this way and jump over there.

There we go now there’s this really tricky one where you have to jump in time it perfectly but there we go managed do that really nicely and also got an extra added voice crack in there but here we go let’s.

Jump over this one nicely done and now.

Is this one you get your like head kind of.

Stuck in the wall here if I could just can I just like jump over this one can I just walk over it no I actually have to get my head caught in the wall there but that’s okay there we go managed just to make it around and Sophia are you coming I actually don’t over Sophia’s I think I should wait for I think it’s fair if I should wait for her because come.

On I mean she hasn’t been here like very often it’s been a while.

She’s probably getting used to the layout of the town still I mean she didn’t know the house but like she doesn’t like to know like the full layout of the.

Town like I do so I do have kind of an unfair advantage so let’s let’s maybe wait here for Sophia to come down this tunnel and then we’ll continue on with lap number three and.

There’s Sophia hi Sophia it was wondering where you got to I think she.

On one of the obstacles but that’s okay so yeah now they can continue the race nice and fairly I just didn’t want to.

Like oh there’s a creeper there’s a creeper on the track everyone hang on hang on pause the race for a second there is a creeper on the track okay move Sophia let’s.


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