Yeah yeah they go bad boys are us clearance items all of this stuff you see before you cost five fifty total fifty cents for each Skylander that was not including tax for each day yeah okay so we’ll start with uh Scotland sorts calendars here you will start with um um this guy okay okay yeah well killing some okay.

Yeah yeah yeah mmm Riptide okay okay no.

Corp oh man is speed okay no no no no they want to subscribe we want them to subscribe okay.

You know buddy they won’t like the video okay so here we go got school okay okay okay let’s go go go go go go go go.

Go go go go go this is our first earth element figure look at while you’re looking at him I’m checking out his stats okay now I’m gonna.

Open up crack shadow okay he is a SWOT worse characters he swaps stats are amazing like these stats you see the crap hook oh these stats you know look at that amazing except.

Down whatever give a nice guy here we go please blade he’s also a swamp horse finger I thought careful don’t break it oh yeah this guy this guy’s sick no oh this hack he kinda looks pretty dank no let me see oh thanks it oh that looks dank they look like they could and I could actually be.

They think no no no no we could do that in a few follow me yeah late at the end of the video okay next okay.

Next up sky slicer it’s a vehicle for a trip of super Turner’s this is our first every call besides the chaos okay next up we’ve got the dive bomber.

Our first Evo now we’ll both open up this one cuz it’s darkness element that’s pretty that wasn’t our last is new.

To me to unbox this is gonna this could be our last Disney and you feel like opening in what’s the heck that’s gonna fell off get that out of here we already at normal Perry now we have crystal Perry a few things from our shelf stick do some like that’s.

Cool will be between to Perry’s exact same except for he looks cool yeah so now we got both the Perry’s give each other a hot Bob yeah you’re invisible I can see through you oh that’s me can’t you.

See my heart no I don’t know let’s do all of the possible combinations that looks kind of sick Oh where’s the other guy okay that’s it let’s pray.


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