Hamilton surrendered his pole position to finish third in Austin last weekend a result which postponed his World Championship celebrations Kimi räikkönen won the thrilling race which saw max Verstappen fight his way from 18th to 2nd Texas’s played host to the u. grand prix since 2010 after indiana gave up the honor three years previous because of expensive hosting fees.

Either hamilton would like to see the country host more than one event throughout the season we do have the one race and this is a big big country.

With a lot of sporting heritage but we only have that one race here Hamilton said so the people for example in this city or people in the close States that fly over for this one Grand Prix which happens once a year it’s like a festival you can’t really get too excited about one festival in a season double world champion Fernando Alonso who is set to quit the sport at the end of the season reiterated Hamilton’s demands get more races here hopefully.

One American driver into f1 soon and that will help he said it will take a little bit of interest into the sport and have a little bit more unpredictable race.

Have people expecting the unexpected until the end and Roman gross Jean was also a vocal voice in asking for an extension to the current calendar to me the obvious.

Answer is to get more races in the US the Haas driver said it’s not easy to grow the fan base most of the time it’s really hard for the audience to watch the Grands Prix because it’s the middle of.
The night Formula One returns to action this weekend with the Mexican.

Grand Prix Hamilton can wrap up the world title with two races to spare if he finishes 7th or higher or if Sebastian Vettel fails to win the race.


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