I have a story to tell you a quite incredible unbelievable story a man called Jack young came to me and offered me a job now to my knowledge I had never met this man before so I was completely confused as to why he was offering me a job but I was even more confused when he told me the.

Job was as a football manager a real-life football manager I explained to him.

That I’m not a real football manager I just sit around in.

My pants and play the game football manager is my spare time and upload videos to the internet but he didn’t care he spoke as if I was his best friend weirdly he even called me boss at one point he said that Paul holder Morin was the one for him I asked why so he told me.

So this is the tale of Jack young Jack young was born in Bradley England on the 27th of April 1999 to Jack Young.

Senior owner of a reputable plumbing business in southern England and Melanie young a football coach Jack had a comfortable upbringing thanks.

To the ever increasing success of his dad’s plumbing business and from a young age learned the art of plumbing or water Lego as is a crazy uncle used to say his mum taught him how to play football and in his mid-teens was signed up by his local side bracket our FC he progressed through the youth team before one day at the age of 17 he was approached by a new club that had formed.

In Surrey they called themselves regen Rovers and had taken the place of.

Pool town in the National League south due to the fact that Paul went bust now his dad wanted him to eventually take over the family business as head of Jack Young Plumbing and said to Jack that he probably wouldn’t be able to make a decent living playing in the lower reaches of English football on the other hand his footballing mum encouraged him to take a leap of faith and signed for this new team region rovers it didn’t look like he’d break in to the first team at Brackley.

Town anytime soon and she saw the potential in this new team region rovers who were only signing 16 and 17-year olds for their first season in the National League South Jack sign for region rovers and moved to Reigate where he shared a house with some of the new players at the club including dr. Jones Alpha Darlington and beyond meals now this is where it gets really strange because the.

Manager of regen Rovers was me and I have no recollection of this of course I mean this is just bizarre that jack tells me that this story took place in.

A parallel universe how did he get into this world I asked him but he wanted to go into some more details I guess to help to convince me to take this football management job he was offering.

Me at this point of course I was skeptical because a random guy had turned up at my door saying he wanted to offer me a job and claiming to be from a parallel universe however.
He continued with his story and he had some video evidence of.

The club’s exploits meaning I started to find it very hard not to believe him so in the first season of the club’s history region Rovers struggled they almost got relegated but this.

Day in quite miraculous circumstances you can see Jack young was involved in the play he actually was top goal scorer that season and for a few seasons after really the team of part-timers had survived against all odds.
With this last-gasp goal the club continued to struggle with their group.

Of young players they came to be known as the younglings because of their incredibly young players in fact I as the manager was only 25 at the start of the club’s history according to Jack young anyway 3gen Rovers survived the next two seasons as well before getting.

Promoted to the national league in the fourth season Jack Young continued to work as a plumber for his dad.

Behind the scenes even set up a new branch of the company down in Surrey and a few of the players region Rovers players worked for him eventually he would.

Go on to own the company when his dad retired and he wouldn’t have to do as much plumbing in the future because he had other people working for him but unfortunately on the.

Pitch JEP Young’s journey wasn’t all plain sailing he got injured a few times in his career but a particularly bad one kept him out for a long period however the club still too did well and they actually managed to get to the.

Player final and he came off the bench to score a crucial goal in the National League playoff final in the last few seconds to get region rovers promoted to the Football League for the first.

Time despite this glory it did look like his dad’s prediction would come true it was earning a lot more money from his company Jack young Plumbing he was down the pecking order in Ligue 2 and then in league one and only that managers loyalty that’s me kept him in and around the first team some fans said.

Were over but there was a hardcore bunch of royal supporters that adored Jack young and wanted to see him star and make sure the manager know it then one day when region Rovers were fighting for.

A place in the championship playoffs Jack came off the bench and scored a wonderful goal that very few people expected that goal confirmed a place in the playoffs and even though they failed to gain promotion that season the legend of Jack Young continued eventually region Rovers were promoted to the promised land of the Premier League and had a couple of fantastic seasons.

Going on to win the League Cup in their second season in the top flight and even got to the FA Cup final unfortunately losing to Manchester United I even managed to grab the job of England manager somehow I mean this just seems ludicrous to me but according to Jack I called him up and along with other region Rovers legends such as the all-time top goalscorer Spencer Drury legendary goalkeeper lease of zealous and or old.

Jones on the eve of the World Cup squad being announced 2030.

World Cup so far in the future just boggles the mind de jones called up jack young to say he had a problem with his toilet as it was midnight instead of waiting at one of.

His staff members Jack went round to his mates house.

Himself to take a look this is when things get weird I warn you at whilst mending the toilet he slipped and fell his head fell into the toilet bowl and suddenly he was sucked down into the u-bend where he was transported to what turned out to be a parallel universe our universe Jack was obviously confused and stunned he soon discovered that he was.

Back in the year 2016 he was alone in this new parallel universe despite being 31 in the old universe he was now officially only 17 years old in this new universe our universe according to his birthdate of course.

Because he’s born in 1999 over the next year he worked hard and set up a new jack young plumbing company his knowledge of plumbing was second to none and it soon transpired that he held knowledge on this noble art that it did not even exist in our universe he soon was able to hire staff and grow his company and by the end of 2016 he was a wealthy man.

Just in a matter of months really had given.

Up on his dream of playing football his body was growing.

Tired and he was obviously old he was in his early 30s even though in this universe he wasn’t but he decided instead he would set up his own football team so at the end of 2016 he created his old club region rovers just as a shell nothing nothing to it to start with he just created the club and had a name.

And he was literally the only staff member of course to everyone in this universe region rovers was a brand new concept he managed to track down some of the old club legends dr.

Jones Spencer Drury Lisa’s Ellis Danny Boy and Patrick giver they were bemused at first of course just like me but they felt a strange connection between themselves even though they had all never met and had certainly never met this strange man called Jack young they formed his new.

Board for region Rovers and that’s where I come in Jack young tracked me down and asked me to become the first-ever manager of region Rovers and.

After hearing this incredible story I just I had to agree even though I’ve literally got no experience of.

Football management so my first ever foray into real football management is with this new team region Rovers no history in this universe but you’ve seen the footage you know in the old universe legendary club going from nothing going from chumps to champions he also agreed that I could broadcast my management journey on my youtube channel this YouTube channel and that’s where you guys come in perhaps you’ve a strange feeling like me that there is a truth to this.

And in the back of your mind this region Rovers story rings a bell you know there’s something to it maybe this is like a distant memory like another memory from a different universe but on the other hand it might not at all this could be completely new to you.

Either way I want you to be part of this journey so join me for the adventure of region Rovers.

I hope you enjoy the ride so obviously that.

Was all just a bit of fun a back story introducing you to region Rovers and why it has returned for football manager 2019 region Rovers rising from the ashes of the old series just like the Phoenix in our.

New club badge and I’m going to talk a little bit more about the details of the series in a separate unlisted video I don’t want to make this video way too long so for those of you that are.

Interested in finding out when the series starting and a few on the data surrounding it click on the video link in the description below that will take you through to an unlisted video that you can watch you can only watch it using that link but thank.

You for watching this video the tale of Jack young is the little introduction to this series for FM 19 I hope you’re looking forward to it if you are please leave a like but until next time enjoy for one hundred twenty nineteen enjoy the rest of your day I see you very soon.


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