Pass has actually stuck on quite well they’re the one that you were immediately drawn to in the city I was drawn to in the strike when we get there was near be angel now from the start this was a fear you early to the eye a fairly slowly rub race and I think Troutman’s done really well here I.

Think you could mark this performance up because hey I he didn’t settle particularly well out the back we were referring to you lannigan she’s been and eager to come.

Abundantly Timoshenko was Luke Morris he’s 1500th winner oh well we’ve just had that start I knew it was I think it was his 96th winner of the season I think Luke’s at least 97 I might miss one last year so he’s in well into the night about 1,500 yeah he’s closing in on that that top 20 list wasn’t he and the way he’s riding.

At the moment it won’t be long before he’s getting in there vain while tumbling for home magnums though in front and drawn towards the back you can see the.
Winner still get plenty to do..


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