I’d like to start off this video with four big names Steve Jobs Mark Zuckerberg Bill Gates and Elon Musk not only are these four wealthy men but they’re all innovative and creative entrepreneurs this is something I’ve strived to be to have the same mindset and early-stage goals as the names I listed above my name is Jordan Freeman I’m.

Currently a freshman at Indiana University in the Kelley School of Business majoring in corporate innovation and entrepreneurship with a minor in sports management my family could say I had the qualities of an entrepreneur before.

I can even define the word for example in middle school I had my own business called tough GFX it was an instagram page that had almost 11,000 followers I’m confident to say that I would be able to bring out my determination and leadership skills and whatever work field I decide to pursue.

It may be easy to say that I’m determined but I like to emphasize the show and not tell for example in high school I was awarded the. Michael’s College Book Award this award was given to a student with an abundance of volunteer hours throughout their high school career being a leader in a working situation is also.

Something I strive to do in the future I step up in group projects and assignments and I was also the captain of my high school.
Varsity basketball team these.

Taught me the skills have had to step up and take control of situations I’m also a very caring individual which I feel like is a good quality to have in a working environment matter of fact I have a quick story that displayed on high school I.

Program called Friendship Circle I was paired with a younger kid who had special needs and I would go to his house every Sunday to watch football I have never seen a kid who knows more football and we built a relationship and it was something that I would never forget in conclusion to this video my qualities that I’m able to praise can make me confidently say.

That it will be an asset in the business world now hopefully in the future I can hear my name being listed as a role model for.
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