Greetings and salutations everyone my name is Anja karakov and welcome to my youtube channel today we’re gonna be talking about the fantasy football week 9 wide receiver rankings I’m gonna be going over my four starts of the week at the wide receiver position while also giving you guys some statistics on the best matchups so that you can either.

Decide to play specific wide receivers or perhaps hit them for this coming week I’m also going to be following it with my top 36 1 through 36 wide receiver rankings for week 9 of the fantasy football.

Season now without further ado I want to thank all of you who.

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For that and without further ado let’s.

Get into the wide receiver segment of the week.

Hey everybody how’s it going alright so we’re sitting here and we’re going over.

The first two starts at the wide receiver position for this week week 9 of the fantasy football season we’ve got here Devin Funchess and Marvin Jones jr. now we’ll talk about Devin Funchess first obviously so why is Devin Funchess a start of the week number one it’s absolutely.

Because of his matchup he plays against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and this is really a thing for all this is more of an advertisement for all Panthers for this coming week the Panthers have a fantastic.

Matchup we saw the the Cincinnati Bengals who struggled against the Kansas City Chiefs turn around put up 37 points against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defenses defense.
Absolutely atrocious these last couple weeks you know all.

Honestly the entire season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense has been terrible so this is pretty much an advertisement for Devin Funchess you know maybe DJ more.
For Sherman Christian McCaffrey Greg Olson and Cam Newton.

But either way specifically Devin Funchess why is he gonna have a great week well Tampa Bay Buccaneers have given up the second-most points to the wide receiver position thus far this season they’re giving up 39 point to.

Nine points to the wide receiver position that counts all the wide receivers that play and Devin Funchess is the clear number one for the Carolina Panthers so going into this week he’s.

Gonna have a very great opportunity here’s the thing about Devin Funchess you know this past week he didn’t have a great game notably because they played against the Ravens defense and the Ravens defense they have a great secondary be able to clamp down.

They have a great defense in general right yet the Carolina Panthers at home or the superior team ended up scoring a good.

Amount of points on their opponent Devin Funchess still is the number one wide receivers target wise this season I mean nine targets seven targets seven targets eight targets 11 targets he has the opportunity he will continue.

To get the opportunity as the season progresses because he’s the number one wide receiver here going into he’s such a great matchup Devin Funchess in my opinion despite.

What he did last week should be a start on your team this week especially with all the players that are out on by weeks we’re gonna be missing a.


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