And he’s not gonna turn over the ball so he definitely helps Mike Evans in that sense all right so.

It’s gonna move on number seven Michael Thomas for the New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints played against the Rams this week the Rams have been pretty good but Michael Thomas is matchup proof I mentioned this earlier this season multiple times him and drew Brees their matchup proof the other wide receivers within this offense they’re not.

Really gonna be able to do much in my opinion I mean that we haven’t seen Trey Quan Smith which we thought the last couple weeks should have been great you know had good matchups had good opportunities they scored a lot.

Of points but yet they’re just not able to produce Drew Brees isn’t getting them as many targets.

As you would expect because they’re running the ball consistently through Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara I mean that’s pretty much it Alvin Kamara is becoming the number two wide receiver we didn’t even see Ben Watson use this past week so it’s pretty much just Michael Thomas chimera and Mark Ingram so Michael Thomas is my number seven all right number eight we have Tyreke Hill playing against as I mentioned before.

A very very terrible secondary.

That has given up what the eighth most points to the wide receiver position in half on PPR.

Dust season that’s far this season and Tyriq Hill he’s dealing with the hamstring.

Injury here’s the issue if he ends up you know being downgraded to out by any you know some agitation or some sort obviously Sammy Watkins gets a boost we saw Sammy Watkins this past week I’ll get into him a little bit more a little bit later on in the rankings.

But as right now Tyreke he’ll fully healthy going against his.

Defense he’ll take the top off you’ll find himself some touchdowns and fantasy value he’s number eight number nine it’s tough on Diggs there it.

Is guys I told you he’d be great last week matchup wise had himself a pretty easy time against that defense what did he have all right he had 11 targets 10 receptions 119 receiving yards and a touchdown 22 point fantasy points and a half plunk if you had a fantastic week this last week and are we surprised not really going forward I mean here’s the thing the Vikings have to number one wide receivers they have two of the top ten.

Wide receivers in fantasy football as is right now the options for Kurt cousin there are a lot easier than they were last season yes he’s not performing to the standard that we expected him.

To especially me I’ve I’ve been preaching okay Kurt cousins circars and Kurt cousins every single week but he hasn’t been able to you know fulfill the specific you know statistics I thought he was gonna be able to fill out the stat sheet so I was right now still Stefon Diggs and I’m dealing there to number one wide receivers on the same team.

Playing against Detroit this week you can only cover one with darius slice so we’ll see how this goes either way he’s my number 9 number 10 Keenan Allen welcome back from the bye week you go ahead you’re gonna play against the Seattle Seahawks defense Keenan.

Nam please do us all a favor having yourself a good week last time we saw Keenan Allen he was kickin end zone pylons because he wasn’t getting targets in the end zone.

And Mike Williams was dropping touchdowns in the end zones in the end zone excuse me as it right now Keenan Allen hopefully after this buy he’s gotten his mind.

Right he’s gotten Philip Rivers into a room and he’s talking he’s spoken to him and said hey Philip I need the rock my fantasy owners depend on me if I ain’t getting fantasy points then how are they gonna draft me next year who’s.

Gonna talk about me huh and then he said you know what I understand Keenan we’re gonna figure it out hopefully that conversation has had been had I’m I’m aware you know Mike Williams Tyrell Williams they’re taking up.

A lot of the fantasy points with the big plays they make but I still think Keenan Allen needs to get his 10 plus targets maybe even 10 plus receptions a week in order to help us offense out he’s my number 10 this week all right number 11 Emanuel Sanders it only helps Sanders that much.

More that the merriest Thomas is now a gun you know Courtland Sutton is going to be in the game he’s.

Going to get this opportunity but to be honest I really think this helps Emmanuel Sanders it doesn’t help Emmanuel Sanders as much as you know Marvin Jones is getting helped out because we know Manuel saying has been fantastic.

All season long he’s been a number one wide receiver all year long you know whether he’s passing the ball running in type sounds you know catching the ball like he normally does he’s been fantastic this season.

So do we think you know Emanuel Sanders is going to be downgraded because Cortland said no absolutely not he’s gonna be just as good if not better he might get more targets more receptions you.

Need I’ve been preaching it for the last month now you just gotta give Emmanuel Sanders at least 14 targets that’s.

It that’s easy it’s easy and they’re gonna go ahead and do that all right let’s move on number 11 we have Robert woods now of all the receivers for the for the Rams I think it just depends if Cooper Cup ends up playing which I a hundred percent expect him to do so it’s going to it’s.

Gonna hurt Robert Woods and Brandon cooks but not in the way that you may think I think it’s going to hurt them in targets but.

I think an opportunity when you have to cover three deadly wide receivers.

And Todd Gurley out of the backfield it makes it that much harder on the defensive coordinator for the Saints and the defensive players.

They’re gonna have to you know they’re juggling pretty much they’ve got to figure out where do they want to stop to bleeding from they want to stop it.

Out of the backfield or they want to cover cupric up in the.

Slot Robert woods and on the medium range or Brandon cooks over the top they’ve got to pick their poison could all these pieces within this Rams office one of the best offenses in the NFL they’re going to hurt this New Orleans defense New Orleans defense it’s giving up the most points to the wide receiver.

Position through the first eight weeks of the wire of the fantasy football season so Robert woods in my opinion I think he is the best opportunity within all of the wide receivers.


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