What if we have one person running around on the ground and try to avoid getting smacked by a farm the rooftop ground right yes right beautiful sunset starfish beautiful sunset and a shooting star all right you guys ready yes you look killer it’s like a monster you know when you’re ready thank you 17 all right when the firecracker.

Goes off we’re ready oh he’s operator okay all right ready you’re not kidding me I am unkillable I’m just gonna run in circles that’s all don’t look for you can’t cheat looks he dies yeah you can’t.

You just had to blind run I know he was my life all my life oh my my life composure the favor I’ll land it right – its lane going don’t stand by 0:04 the brine it’s a rare case all right guys you never know which direction he’s gonna come in it could be any direction he threaded the needle right there for five seconds why are you like running light.
In the socket Brennan here comes the Wicked Witch of the dam.

North we could turn our radar off well I’m not looking at radar looking at my character in ten tries later we’re gonna time our dances Tamara dances to Tom this wasn’t working fucking.

Get me out of the day away not down but he didn’t go flying we did get knocked down well tried one time Oh Katie ready steady let’s go it’s.

Not allowed I’m ready I’m right boys right head it off that’s what the wind get the free delirious t-shirt I’m coming I’m gonna win it’s over I’m not gonna it’s going down next I wonder what do all my do what.

Do I do it’s cousin I wonder what do you see it the best driver in the business in the sky the sky to the skies with the news we have updated that there.
Is a criminal gang on the airport to airport what is the others what.

Are you doing for their horses only have twenty I forget that like LV drops you down when you’re good when they are the hydrants stuff like that so I forget that I give up sob I’m not gonna go down another wheezing news reporting how the last weasel news reporter got murdered everybody’s blue lights Louie says his bike is faster than ours and it can’t because we’ve fully upgraded my bike.

Yeah me too he’s Louis the count of three we’re gonna try to go from here all the way to Blaine County as fast as.

We can Wayne County down the field it doesn’t matter Bart darn right Oh God ready.

Look at that look from the side ready okay let’s do this the first one to make it out of the city winds could be anywhere no we’re going straight we’re not gonna split.

Up we’re just going straight okay first one to make it completely out of the bottom half of the map is the.
Winner all right all right three on three I don’t.

Want to count down what else counter step three go do it right I slowed down yeah I slowed that I think I think you have to have a good acceleration before you.

Have to get some speed before you start going no one made it if I wasn’t so low I would have made it I had a house so fast so damn delirious hello hello in the mountain apparently hello can’t believe you made it.


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