You hey you’re there okay a very pleasant good evening to you from the campus of Shabo college in Hayward California thank you for joining us for this CCC AAA junior college football matchup between the Shabo college gladiators and the Bulldogs of the College of San Mateo here on North Cal sports TV Philip Curtin here on the call glad.

You could join us tonight for this matchup between two of the top teams in the state of California according to the 2018 JC.

Athletic Bureau poll College of San Mateo coming in at number five in the state with a 6 and 2 record Shabo at 5 and 3 overall coming in at number 15 in the most recent poll however these two.

Teams seem to be going in fairly opposite directions over the last couple of weeks Shabo on a two-game slide hoping to snap that tonight well there’s the College of San Mateo they have won three straight and I’ve looked quite dominant in doing so they will look to continue to keep that rolling should be.

A good crowd tonight stop more night here at Chabot College as.

Well as they honor the sophomores on this roster they’ll be moving on to the next step of their careers Chabot will be kicking off they will be going from right to left in their home yellow uniforms with the black numbers and the black helmets College of.

San Mateo in their road whites with the gray pants and the blue numbers and the black outline we are ready to get things going alejandro Cervantes has.

This one away solid kick going from right to left and it is fielded but to inside the 5-yard line will be brought up field good run back here for a College of.

San Mateo and that is acai liquor taking inside the 35 yard line and he is tackled at.

The 38 and that is where a College of San Mateo will get their first possession of this evening in college of san mateo they are led by head coach tim tulleken as mentioned they come.

Into this one six and two overall had a very.

Nice win against diablo valley just this last week forty nine to seven overall and their offense very very well balanced coming.

In shade over 345 yards per game come on Lydia kena at starting quarterback he takes the handoff.

Gives up the middle to Cameron tailor these sophomore running back in a very strong run in between the tackles takes it to the 49 yard line good enough for a first down so will be first and ten at their own 49 College of San Mateo going with a no huddle.

Offense here three wide in this formation as well Akina takes the snap it’s a play-action completion to the far side and that is Elijah Harper with the catch takes it to the 39 yard line at the.

Far sideline so two first downs on two plays already for the Bulldogs as they are moving the ball upfield at a very brisk pace and Shabo College has been having some difficulty up the defensive side of the ball in the last couple of weeks which will dive into a little.

Bit further as time allows pistol formation here for the Bulldogs Akina takes the snap hand off to Taylor once again but he has swallowed up right in the middle of that Shabo defensive line and that was who forgot whom oh allah with the tackle he led the way on the charge for the gladiators 1 yard gain on that play that makes.


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