Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the winning post I’m Andrea Lalwani and bringing you all the action from Pune so without further ado let’s get started and a quick look at the headlines of what’s coming up on this episode on the show today we take a look back at all the highlights of the Pune season gone.

Well as catch up with champion trainer PC.

Stock and champion jockey purple in 2016 X and H we also hear from the racing fraternity what it was that made the.

Pool in season so special the Pune season is one most.

Looked forward to after Mumbai Pune is also home to.

The Kingfisher our chaplain avi as well as the st.
Leger adding a dash of class to the season the large holiday crowd enjoying the independence weekend but treated to an exciting mix of some thrilling races and find entertainment at the pool Eric’s course one has to hand it to the unicorn for his consistency and the smooth manner in which he sails into the lead early.

On in the Eve Campion chip trophy grade 3 he went on to finish with a strong gallop to put it beyond even mutter would as early as he did in the homestead she faced hundred to go and a upset here with the unicorn stretching his lead and winning this very very easily from Myrtle would pretty up second then there is the ministerial in Chickasaw as there is past the finish the pra independence millions of sentosa Koch trained by the Prakash tactically well ridden by z1 to pull.

Of an exciting victory and pocket the million keeping his rivals HP oh that is Italia and George’s are one just about beginning to make a quick forward more wide as to fall then they serve a garden but.

Sentosa curve is about two and a half lengths ahead of Italia Josas in tariff alotta is a palatial widest of all on the stand side center circle from Italia Sentosa Cove Italia neisha a better job than the Savage Garden so very big ambition to lift a profit I want to adjust but never to give trophy so then when I told me we put deservin and we will try even with carrying top weight.

Magnificence chamber is kiss her energy and written by Nero draw a score a stylish win to clinch the feature event on 21st August the pump she’ll million and made it work to matter as he goes off so you can mix as a headstone for home round the turn and into three magical memory who comes in on version about 3/4 the man in the head of.

Our Aqaba and magnificent to the one coming up with a dazzling run on the near side and bring fans are looking for the one in between or two but.

Magical memories have been challenged by magnificence on the outside pink fans are coming up with a big run down in the center or that is exodus’ but magnificent from Pink Panther magnificent often from Pink.

Panther magnificent gets it from exo dismay a finished second ahead of Pink Panther a lot of magical.

Memory they were quite messy raised you know like I was in a superior house and I like he he he he brought me included I just had to guide him a little bit in the.

Street it was stop and start sort of Alice and I was never in a good position I missed the kicker at the start I was I had to travel a bit white but passing the forum onwards I was behind the front leader so sort of helped me the next weekend so temerity put in a determined effort and find her way to.

A close shave a finish however joking Miroslava got that little extra bit out of the shop Janey and searched between the two challenges eternal sunshine and in my jean to win the FT warrior trophy great three by half lengths no crystal with about we ended because most one now charity takes.

Free throws and shine in the middle on the outside there is they in my dream coming up under the stake with.

About 200 meters both one community is now being shown on the inside by eternal sunshine and I in my dream on the outside they are heading for a three-way Felicia with it it was sunshine towards the inside intimately race back instability wins it from Italy sunshine second in my dream of the clothes third up to that there is good thing and weighed out the track.

A good position you know Mikey responded well there was some I would have scared in the straight you know last 100 meters those two also from the inside and as well as from the outside they came but my fear held on she was brave enough to put her in front dancing Frances written by a Sundays return to winning ways that the courageous performance to clinch the upper.

Side mirage trophy watching of late challengers Adam and the surprise challenger congressional brindle in third dancing Frances white of the track making headway with strategic move hugging the wins in the golden brown pelican V&S congressional round the town and into the street dancing Feeney comes in home first is about two lengths ahead of Bryn hill strategic move is improving down in the center dancing Francis looms large on the outside then there’s.

Adam after that is congressional but dancing Francis on the near side dancing Phoenix on the far.

Side brindle enter Adam coming up in the center and congressional is on the stand side by dancing Francis from congressional dancing Francis congressional bouncing Francis old off from congressional then that is Adam bouncing Phoenix bill the. Vijay Mallya old Azzurro has the distinction of finishing in the frame in all his outcomes and in the Hawaii darkness only possibility of finishing acceleration and quarter with the Libra the Nomad or win by Jana okay thanks comes alongside and takes up the running it’s a zero on the outside gets the better of the unicorn as.

Your wedding day Dargo through pay grade three by what Wellington three-quarters from the unicorn b-52 rodeo and Commodore as they go past the post basically he’s a staying.
Horse and there was a probably one how stupid that was unicorn because.

Of his last start and their met earlier and he’s beaten unicorn earlier we were planning to run.

The peasant of India but there are two courses running the Islander and desert got so we thought we’ll come and run there and take a chances away it paid off jockey sandesh didn’t put a foot wrong.

And Germanicus shipped well in the state.

To conquer his first major race in Bali Illya Sabrina Valentino then there is a magical memory but Germanicus in the last one for long is about two and a half lengths ahead synchronizes the one charging up on the outside is Germanicus from tokenize.

Dramatical silky nice Germanicus holds on in the SFO Nevada multi-million from synchronizing days eternal sunshine or I think it was copy book style Sunday show a brilliant race he did everything that we told him to do and I think he won very well considering he was giving weight around the field and should be a life contender the Derby.

Even while the Karthik watt minstrel hides when the visible Nevada gold show free with absolute ease earning his first win and promising more for the new.

Future and way behind this golden code along.

With untitled into the state now it’s a only minstrel hides the leader minstrel hides by virtue in our friends from Shogun country music eternal dancer into the last 300 meters they go and minsu lies still ahead by.

One Tina for from Shogun Minster rides going.

To win this race means not winning this race from Michigan and his country music Salvator Mundi for nine eternal dance well he jumped out well it’s unfortunate the whole field got interfered with.

The hospital and second but I don’t think anyone would have beaten him today his victory was well-deserved desert God proved just how great a horse he truly is in the gourmet Anisa Indian st. Leger for the first 75 percent of the texting 2800 meters journey he ambled as though on his regular morning gate and then at the business end he.

Strolled home yet prevailing metals to eight lengths on the counter earning himself the top billing among Indian thoroughbreds to have ever graced the Indian turf but that God has.

With a virus cheekily looking over his shoulder is about six lengths ahead of jigsaw then there’s b-52 after that is Columbian of a desert war in the last one furlong giving another feather in the cap for the radiant blood stock his belt clear making it nine.

In a row water fantastical desert God has been I.

Think it is very special that you know any champions can do that and the race was only two weeks away and that race was seven weeks after the bangalore sent Leger maybe he was indeed at that.

Run but he’s improved on it and.

Literally decimated the first opposition the Kingfisher algebra need RV 2016 had all the ingredients for its filling race accolade the prime favorite for the race emerge victorious but not without a tinge of junk down past the 1,800 me tomorrow we fight epilating from been fact on the outside they’re back Walsh in going ahead now three and a half lengths behind is nabbit in the claritin gold is the only out station in.

This silk and I as X turn for home round the down and into the street it’s a-workin comes in home first from accolade is the one moving up nicely on the outside wall is behind it dramatically but Vulcan is now been fest on the outside they’re back accolade accolade.

With a crack or two Vulcan has dropped the rider than they’d Americas they can’t be a better tribute than this.

To the side burden of proof accolade does it in the kool-aid Derby from a Germanicus lamb-lamb it is only 38 of silky knives in physically and he showed his similar face what he does always and I was in the Friends of an oafish luckily I go to the front and I was.

Just following him came into his ship picked up and he won with Costa del Sol.

Did it for his masterpiece he shrunk by not only winning the last days feature the acog a championship our witc limits a gold cup drape toward back but also having shot the championship center the unicorn is battling back on the far side.

Has always been said over that is Casa del Sol is looking for the one in between altar but.

The unicorn with a furlong to go just to shade in front of b-52.

Not going ahead Rasta del Sol is among galloping strongly upon the outside it’s gonna be Casa del Sol on the.

Outside from b-52 and a duo flashing on the scene but kafka del jock it’s going to be from a duro b-52 Jack cross the unicorn Columbiana Jefferson commander the puna racing season has been a little up and down I managed to win the Derby inoculate I.

Thought I thought he was the best horse and costed it very well for me today it’s been eventful the season I am glad I finished on top of the tally and when you win races they are best bones I was very happy when accolade and Costa del Sol one that’s it looking forward to Bamba now a sandwich dominated the pune.

Season and not stop the title champion jockey I’m so happy – I won championship these are four type in Ione Pune and like it’s time I won championship I’m feeling so happy and beginning of the season I am struggling for the winners I am so far behind to other.

Jockeys and when I get I in moments I start winning then I continuously winning and I’m say – thanks to all my trainers all owners they give.

Me this opportunity to achieve these landmarks where’s my medal I rode the Taser got the India’s number one knows now and he is the like a Ferrari I rode and as.

I’m just only I’m sitting and I’m coming on the bridle anyone that my super moment every season start on zero Alison again continuous average time and last day you will be there on rank that most important you the boonie season had all the ingredients for the top class easy they were highs and lows victories and disappointments hard fought battles and easy wins and whole lot of drama and glamour.

Here is racing fraternity looking back on the moments.

That made the season special a very.

Compact and interesting season we were very happy.

Virtually every weekend we had a new contributor a new sponsor especially that our two biggest races had first and sponsors the Pune Derby.

Is had Kingfisher ultra and the Indians.

And leisure had gourmet Renaissance we had several days which had a lot of food festivals I t’s new sponsors no real controversy so what was really good.

The dressing went on without any break due to rain or any break due to any crowd disturbance and generally the punters and the risk was had a good season in Pune as an owner it was a very moderate season I.

Don’t have that many houses maybe about less than a dozen and only two wins in the whole season so generally.

Disappointing but over the years being in honor I know that the highs come with the lows you have one good in one bad so I’ve got to accept it the two wins was good enough but I can only hope we do better in Bombay I think we’ve had a very very competitive very interesting oona season it’s been full of action and I’m very happy to say that some of the big days that we’ve.

Had we’ve had tremendous attendance and all in all I think it’s been a very good very good Pune season well one of the things that really I am very grateful for and I’m very happy about and is God has been very kind with regard to the rains and the rains came there was abundant water and the ground therefore was in a better condition than it has been in the last couple of years so I’m hopeful that next year will be even better because we.

Will work on the ground again as soon as the racing season in Pune is over and be ready for Pune 2017 I had a super Pune season in the first attempt for the championship when I was very.

Close just missed out by one race and I must thank Almighty I thank all my staff for their fantastic even work which was great Pune season.

And hoping for the Bombay to be the same I have some good three-year-olds which have just coming in hand and hoping for the good Mumbai season for the classic season you know as usual we have started.

In the month of July and today is the last day because of the video cut in two more meetings so I think bonuses and went very well definitely we had couple of mishaps also accidents also during the racing.

That is a part and parcel of the racing you can’t say but overall everything was my best moment means definitely whole season has ended very well that in my I will say first and if you ask me personally then definitely one my one of my horse hidden soul on two races here two starts and two wins that is really our very very happy and apart from other OSes also my one like flying dragon dancer overall I will say good and all other.

Arses also then there’s Emily man the poorest in was okay it could have been better I had about nine winners and lot of my three-year-olds.

Which expected to do well didn’t perform vastly because the track I don’t think the track suited most of Mouse’s and but the best woman was be fifty running third in the group race my season good but I love one horse called dancing but all of that.

I am little upset my best moment is.

I won forays last time that’s my best moment and sad moments I lost dancing bounces on the Derby Day which I lost my.

Hat take on the same Caprice the puna season wasn’t as good as I thought it.

Okay the few few horses did run well but the few seconds which could have convert converted them into winners.

Were little disappointing but otherwise I can’t complain with just having a string of about 13 racing horses I got only two winners so that’s not really seeing much I should have had a few more winners but the seconds really pulled.

Me down so one of my good moments was last week when I won with my horse called furious and pass because she’s been knocking on the door she’ll be running with her offs in the nineteen second third second third it was finally good to see her come.

A race last week pune season was fine it was like on and off season for everybody so same with me so i was happy with it best moment when i won the million with my own horse after.

That was the best moment of pune we played a decent precision in the sensor quite a few numbers of winners competitively photos who we got together and hopefully we carry on till the bombay because we.

Have little lot of second also even a good good.

Bonus isn’t for me my three-year-olds have performed well and had a lot of first-time runners.

One so I just hope that I can capitalize on that and hopefully they can train on and win me a few more good races my best moment would be my Philly cold bag winning the Dungey boys sprint on Derby weekend she had a lot of injuries and she came back after a 8.

Month layoff so it was quite a quite an achievement for me also it was a challenge to bring her to that level of fitness and to keep her going and we managed to do that so that that was probably the highlight for Kunis is not at a very good Funes season you know there were so many problems in the gates with so many horses Jasmine walked out low for.

At a couple of problems Kalyn hit his head once so I think I hope the bad luck is behind us and look forward to a better home by season Attaway pleasing finishes in a know like honestly I’ve been some good group races away so I’m quite pleased nothing nothing at all I had five six horses of I won I just won one horse you know.

Which was a winner yesterday figure sure I didn’t have a so good season looking forward for the warmer season I think I will be better off for Mom.

The season and now here’s for what’s trending on social media the odds of your DC chairman mr. take beef broth harish launch and Ani + JH Barry had a meeting with mr. Vijay Goyal the minister of sports in Delhi to explain what horse racing as a sport requires the GST platform the Madras racecourse is all set for the gala.

Staff of the 32 days racing.

Season from November 3rd to march 21st 2017 a new era begins at Madras race club on November curve with create purses and hopefully soon top-notch racing 585 K to a middle race winner that’s all we have time for in this episode of the winning post remember if you’ve missed anything at all.

You can always catch it on our YouTube channel also remember to follow more with Lalwani on twitter for his tips and until we see you next time goodbye and may the force be with you.


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