Hello everyone this is me watersmeet and tigers just do a 1v1 in a horse race versus this guy basically I’m the best at this game and if I lose its I’m gonna blame my mouth basically I’m not going to lose this ever our battle is gonna be legendary but I will win obviously I Lewis is just a warm-up.

So why is this guy beating me he’s not he’s not beating me I’m just course his horse is faster no I didn’t lose.
That was a warm-up and my mouth um it’s a different guy huh face you before.

I beat you I beat you see this guy’s way easier cuz he’s like he sucks the other guy was he was just yeah he was.

Okay he was okay he happened to beat me what the but no I didn’t do that I.

Didn’t do it I’m still ahead see that’s how far I was ahead I’ve.

Got so much he sucks oh I’m still gonna be away because i’m awesome oh crap.

On my head I’m not ahead I’m not ahead I’m not alone oh my god again Rock Hill the right skills you’re gonna die and I’m gonna win how’s that song to you good yeah yeah yeah hey I’m gonna beat you I’m not gonna fall off this time because last time my I had to go put my god I’m dominating it’s too easy I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m too good I’m too good I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m I.

I really apologize for your epic loss oh oh oh my oh my god oh my god you are the saddest person ever are you going backwards man you called.

Oh oh oh oh you think you’re so cool.

Yeah let’s see how close I can get oh oh crap no no my god what is this glitch we got a new guy and your guy welcome to my world lag know.

What oh yeah yeah i’m still at first yeah i’m gonna troll these guys again ah oh my god I’m so far ahead of you oh you’re gonna do this.

Again are you are you oh I don’t think so yeah weird I didn’t mess that up I mean of course I would never mess.

It up I’m a pro these guys are going down again yeah I know right I’m surprised they’re still in here huh they’ve been suffering so much I know far nothing renders up for me when I don’t do this race really appreciate that my own oh yeah no no don’t do this yeah go die in a hole it’s all good okay so yeah guys thank you for watching that has been the horse.

Race and I hope you enjoyed thank you for watching and I’m very sorry for the inactivity for two weeks.


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