25 and here it comes Josh Allen and it’s so apropos right trone’s here’s the guy they traded up in the draft to get some bills remember they on in the playoffs for 17 years that whole thing and of course what number is Josh Allen wearing 17 17 and all the donations from the Buffalo Bills fans to Andy Dalton.

And Tyler Boyd’s foundations came in $17 in permits and Pam mentioned that this young man is very even-keeled don’t be surprised to find a bald offense coordinator.

Doesn’t let him throw it a little bit bit out of the game Chris Ivory will start at the tail back today shinola Sean good boy.
We weren’t expecting to see him anyway Allen will throw on first.

He’s got to drop out in front of Charles clay the tight end and so give us a scouting report on Allen you worked with him a lot you saw.

Him in the offseason dealt with a lot you know him pretty well you see the size he has Carson in size 6 5.

2037 pounds he moves better than you would think with the length that you see in his brain excellent hasn’t the building work in and out of the pocket and a rocket iron that he likes to throw on on second down though fate makes a catch and he’s gonna work his way out to the 29 and a third down and six is coming up now we just talked about his athleticism and right.

Away they go with some quarterback movement faking the running play the zone stretch play and he boots back to the opposite in the opposite direction Zay Jones coming against the green makes the easy catch it turns it.

Upfield third down penalty flag fly away berry second down four-man rush.

Pressure again Allen can run he’s going to let it fly through it should have been intercepted by Dre Kirkpatrick instead it was dropped he was looking for Charles.

Kaleo had a couple steps and everything was going well for Josh Allen watch I stays.

In the pocket first looks downfield stays waits waits now he exits and here’s the surprise he threw the ball short with that arm the ball is not usually going to fall short is usually gonna have a chance for the receiver to make a play on it downfield how far did he throw the ball and his tennis combine at the word.

Pro day I remember being over 75 yards so we don’t know that’s that’s unusual we just saw their third law pressure up the middle side chef knife cuttings hitting that.

One his eye so that time he tried to overcompensate and it’s incomplete he’s doing everything well in the pocket was just fantastic special people here in western New York very special that’s just awesome.

Here’s Benjamin who makes his first catch at a good grow from Josh Allen so they understand that’s something near and dear to their heart slits on Allen dumps it off to Burke gets we had a block but boy that went away really quickly they go crystal formation with Allen they’re gonna flip it coming near side it’s Cory Coleman who’s got great.

Speed the former Braun and Coleman works his way out into the fold for three on third down so far they bring pressure steps away turns.

And runs he’s got good speed we’re going to get to the chains he dives did he make it that’ll.

Be a first down I believe let’s see where they mark them when that it’s gonna be close oh hang on it mark the foot.


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