With the Cheltenham Festival on the horizon Betway organised for for Westham players to go to commentaries school to try their hand at a spot of broadcasting the results as you can imagine we’re golden dot Marc noble joe hart james collins and cereal Instagrammer patrice evra all stepped into the classroom to take lessons from itv racing commentator and nominee.

For british commentator of the year richard Hoyles they were given a simple mandate learn the basics before sitting in exam to test what they had learned or as the video suggests if they had been listening at all Marc Noble hardly said the room alight when he was asked to describe.

His favourite goal but showed a marked improvement when taking the final exam each want to be commentator was taken to a separate room and shown a clip on which they were.

To commentate while the other three watched on from next door Joe Hart could quite easily have put all his viewers to sleep but was able to stick to some.

Of the basics that he had been taught.

James Collins monotonous effort included some well-versed vocabulary that at least made him sound like he knew what he was talking about patrice evra was perhaps the most excitable but also the least restrained as he frantically described what was unfolding on the screen before him in a series of strange and comical analogies while struggling to grasp.

Some of the basic terminologies and phrases however.

The final results did not go as expected as Colin’s knowledge of the sport and Joe Hart’s grasp of the basics saw the two top foils charts while Noble and Avril had to settle for some rather poor grades watch the video below to see how the action unfolded dot Westham welcome Burnley to the London Stadium on Saturday in a bit of a precarious position David Moyes I’d like just three points above the drop.

Desperate to widen that gap with three points at home.



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