So we go back to the house it’s picked up to twelve kids are in the pool she bought some new Dalton way back the other two I’ve got a abaddon light on the way that is the delivery driver they’re very very hot now as you saw the region see it but you heard it the Qiblah shop the English.

Lessons shop the shut shut until the 18th of April because of Songkran so basically from now it should be lemons they’re shut through a week so we’re.

Able to check it out on the 18th that’s how check out they will drop down south for a manger of the week I.

Know what the plan is for later sub talked about a farm with horse on it and Little Ponies the kid stream ride and of course boo ONC but it’s very very hot to be outside and walking around is very exhausting I’m time for drink.

So up and the sometime thing is showing out the low chuffing water cars Angelou back so we’re.

Gonna try and do a video cut whatever you you Wow did you borrow a biro every day hello so you told your friend hello the way those foods and fat give Idaho doot-doot everyone to hear me media I won’t you help me laughs laughs why I said hello idea come away idea let’s go dick dick whoa gwah last site long quadroon in a heading the effect Wow bang nine nine nine ah there we go so we’ll see you.

When we get there it’s a little way down the road apparently some this is where you can see the horses little ponies especially for the kids the children and quite nice it’s very very hot they’re very very hot Bella better mind father better mine as well it’s cool and we happened our darling somebody cut ready cup no steps non-unique so they can play well it’s hot oh yeah Oh bommana rain later Bella Sigma say hello below this is a home if you’re.
Back we will have you over dr.
mohammed have your night before way if it is so yeah bite of money hello palos a local I’m a hello me happy Lindy there do you polite I gotta do yeah you’ll be life hack I’m pilaf Livan Livan dad missing why MA Hey oh boy hello I’m liking you I don’t look anywhere like a new what’s it on oh hey Liv I’m good yeah yeah ha my Oh okay okay oh but he bike okay okay so.

He bite see oh yeah okay right okay go idea oh yeah come here honey ready okay ready No you know thank you oh yeah okay hello you have to hold it in thing Sam dang dang see that that okay on this one no why no no baby they’re good job yet comfy slowly slowly slowly sit now yarmulke no notes myself my set yeah good boy.

Ah very good you know genome.

The f Batman oh but you know why.

Yeah huh oh very good well done idea yeah fine yeah good tip it up.

A bit very good tip it up I ain’t got my MOT tip it up up up good boy.

Oh yeah well done ah so look batting it solo hey pond out hello well done good boy move done huh been.

A lie okay oh god hot that was really good really good to feed the animal scared scared of our see getting close to the animals and there was one bites but there was a big sign so there we go that’s the Aussie Aussie place what more said life is there.

Such joy a pole in the shape lunch with a cold fear I don’t know now being more.

Enjoyable than now my man you you.


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