Vitas speeds on Miss Frankel dotted out the Machine by toolings must Frankel very quick in the early stages on the right hand side triple explosion is raced up second then we drop back to mr. vengeance master keys just look how quick mus Frankel is to speedy for the slot coming to the 600 miss Frankel tour away from the.

Opposition there is a strong tailwind behind the windows really picked up and look at miss Frankel must be six seven links clear triple explosions second.

Master keys hid twisted and third le ly blue is staying on but look at number 4 miss Frankel and Anton Marcus gliding on the Polly coming to the 200 I’d say five wings clear miss Frankel and just looking an absolute picture miss Frankel who blow out she’ll come home by about a length or.
So there’s triple explosion closes down miss Frankel three-quarters of.

A length triple explosion master keys and in came a Lili blue the much awaited return of miss Frankel an absolute picture beautiful specimen she’s been 323 days off the track and Anton.

Marcus allows her to blaze a trail and in just get us down inside the distance went by about three parts of a link geared down miss Frankel triple explosion number 211 master keys and then came le ly blue number nine that is the barrier trial mr. vengeance further back the last 45 minutes the windows really picked up some of those punters following the racing this evening the tailwind is ferocious at this point in time miss Frankel DLC just starts to come towards the center of the course.

And in gear down the last hundred meters or so miss Frankel comes through her paces and as expected shows that blinding early speed approximately thirty two minutes away from the first race like.

I mentioned that tailwind we’ll catch up with you shortly back to the studio you.


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