Hello my friends in Japan it’s James in Japan it is October 7th 2018 this is Graz website it’s in English you know just go right to the races and the name of the race was the Mainichi oak hyung g2 Mainichi means everyday okay I’m not sure what that means okay and there were two races Tokyo and Kyoto I.

Played some of the races but not all of them.

I’ll show you some of my winning tickets I always bring 3,000 yen that is my spending limit I got there 15 minutes before this race started race three for Tokyo and these are my numbers and horse 16 came in I only spend.

A hundred yen check out the result horse 16 10000 130 yen that’s like $89 us here’s the official online result Tokyo race 3 right at the top and it was a long shot the odds.

Were a hundred and one point three crazy odds and I couldn’t believe it okay it was twin and that was my prize amazing now for another winning ticket this is for Kyoto race 4 and my numbers were six seven one two twin I spend a hundred yen each here is a picture of the result.

At JRA for Kyoto fourth race horse won the prize was 410 yen and here is the online check and horse won came in low odds 4.

Prize 410 yen yeah I guess it’s better than nothing here is another winning ticket of mine for Kyoto 6 race my numbers were 16 14 12 11 I got number 14 let’s check it as you can see horse.

14 came in and the payout was 3600 Etienne and doing.

An online check of the result and there it is horse 14 the odds were pretty good and here it is I won 3600 Etienne not bad here is another winning ticket I left early and when I got home I checked it I was getting tired of standing there and.

All these crazy old people there anyway my horse was 3 and here it is low odds but better than nothing six point two so the payout was 620 n this is my last winning ticket this is for kill 2/10 race I chose two horses 8 & 2 there it is horse ate low odds 6.

4 so that means I won 640 en thanks for watching bye.



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