Okay I want to talk combat inand I want to talk 8000 wins okay let’s start with combat and you know he’s a beautiful horse he looks like he’s training well than my undiscerning eye he is that I mean obviously the you know your question is filled with the knowledge of it’s an extremely deep and talent to Derby and.

He has drawn the 20 which will be hard to overcome I do think the positives coming in here for combatant off of his previous races which are not good enough to win the Derby is.

Here at Churchill and I do feel that he’s a better horse here if you look at the horses are coming out of the Arkansas Derby the four of them that are in this race they all finish fast in the Arkansas Derby so what’d you.

Think it was really that good a group of horses or is it true that it maybe it goes a little downhill at oh yeah water runs then when it’s rain and water runs left to right in front yes I’m pretty sure it’s downhill so but it’s something that you think.

In the mile and a quarter might help him get that obviously very concerned with his draw and the trip that he can work out from there I don’t feel that we’re in a position that making the race.

Longer than it already is benefits him I was extremely concerned about the one hole last year for looking at Lee in it it worked out extremely.

Well so I to complain about a post position until after the race is run.

Second winningest all-time of trainer in history and but you are coming up on the 8,000 wins which.

Is kind of a insane number when you think about it it’s very special be tough all the hard work that so many great people have put in why did an accomplishment hopefully it isn’t our last one do you I mean is that’s one thing you pay a lot of attention.

To like how far away you are ya get like you’re 8,000 being an extremely significant number I’m definitely aware that we have five to go to get there are you intent on.

Catching a late Dale Baird to be the all-time you are a competitive guy oh yes I.

Mean yeah I want to be the all-time winningest trainer when it’s all said and done.


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