So now YouTube’s horse racing game and we’re back with down racer mm copper intentionally hope you guys have been enjoying as always feel the 12 year we’ll see how we do you just stretch my legs – back paddle Rockman force block team probably should have moved to the cards this may be a foil finish just now when we.

Came secondhand so we were supposed to come so hey it’s another place for crazy friend Wow record for art seek art 146 and breathe new the pace was fast but not that fast my goodness records are easier to be broken to this game much easier compared to the other games in the series 1000 points Patty’s.

Right it’s her I think that drops I really think she’s not on the so let’s go ahead.

Do the sweet flag he says game is straightforward man it’s not much to do in terms of you know I didn’t even check our odds I didn’t mean to do that man well I guess we’ll figure it out depending on how he plays probably definite on should’ve got go I didn’t really get going on till three I should have kicked it in.

At three and a half but I’m content with that considering I didn’t know what our odds were she definitely runs better on the dirt though her turf rating is higher man my sleeping schedules been awful I have not been able to go to sleep as far as become the problem outside like I said I know she was swinging the Frog but I don’t think she’d understand another good birthplace I’m bad for awful Tapani we’re kind of getting the hang of it a little bit finding their grooves we have a chance at 13 and threes.

Anybody’s race definitely have a chance we are going position the space no but we pace wise you ran pretty well they’ve been on the outside con-artists this time especially since it was a slow pace I mean that’s realistic realistically but at least I want to run but actually don’t think Petty’s rum has much speed crazy friend our cult he has a lot of speed but I don’t think Patti’s room is a very fast horse got the stamp as we saw new place le be crazy Fran are awful tap Cameron remember which.

One is this sherry tap let’s go six bits and that’s bad we just need to stay beating after the field that’s really my goal in every race unless I like picked to be the favorite or the second or third goal is to beat half of the field slowly you’ll begin to circle outside this one just our food there’s notice I would wait to prefer five I can’t be a bracer 2006 version of the option shine too much custom ability our customization custom ability I really just made that word up.

Customization and ability to do different things is very limited it’s really focus on strictly like the horse itself and.

Not really on the jockey I’ll wait crazy here’s head this last race here buddy waning conditions today are muddy and cloudy I think I usually go cycle through the horses if we’re like in big grade one meets other than that it would take weights go on and do that every single race raise my favor inside you may have gotten that just by a nose no no did we we got that piyah nose our second.

Win on the season Patti runs first if now we definitely went out of one that race do we know record 110 to 2 is the final what a win what a race that’s a.


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