And the rough and it’s feline felon who breaks on top half cap right there on the outside with feline fund five demon bag comes out running in third on the inside maps hope comes out racing in fourth and in between horses spider walk now in fit position on the far outside stand pat race is sixth let’s go Yankees.

Is now seventh followed by unbridled Busch in eighth R is now ninth and the trailer is on a reading into the fire turn hep cat and feline felon hep cat hep cat up for the lead f get in front feline fill in second here’s stand pat not charging third on the outside Matt’s hope is now.

Fourth five demon bag fifth toward the inside and then it is so spider Mach followed by arc on the outside coming to the top of the stretch half cat the leader F get in front but here’s Stan fat stand pat up the challenge for that lead as they field turns for home Matt swish on the outside runs in third then down toward the inside it’s.

Feline felon fourth in the middle of the track is coming down to the final sixteenth to this stand pat in front argh argh-argh in front coming down to the wire.

The finish and it’s all Oh feline felon second stan pepper.



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