Harrison 97’s talking horses with Joe McKinnon Jason Walsh good orphans racing in blood stock manager our special guest on talking horses this week how are you Jason congratulations to the team of course Massa winning the Epsom Derby which really heralds a new era for the good Alton yeah it does show some obviously so here’s the important race in.

Global industry and a who’s the important race to our principal Sheikh Mohammed and some that’s know to win that race is obviously who’s feel all involved but I think it’s also a great story in itself of shake Mama’s commitment to to the blood stock.

Industry and and you know he’s commitment and perseverance as a breeder himself and I know a number of your listeners this morning everything that same endeavor of trying to produce champions there’s no one more deserving than Sheikh Muhammad in that sense and master is you know he’s a result of seven generations in nearly 40 years of persistence in that regard so it’s given the giving the team a great boost yes he’s a home bred by new approach and.

You approach the son of Galileo of course and he won the race at reasonable odds to Jason around 16 to 1 was he starting price.

You did it run really well for 13 2000 years and I know that Charlie um Charlie Appleby is trying to had no concerns about him stepping out to a mile and.

A half and it was quite dominant on the day so it’s a really interesting he’s got a great pedigree for a horse to win a Derby he’s in bred suits or superior mare in urban spheres Adam the Galileo.

Stars so it’s a really interesting pedigree as I say I’m a great great great result for for His.

Highness Sheikh Mohammed and no one more deserving what would the likely plan then be beyond the Derby for a horse like Messer how much longer would we likely see him gracing the racetrack I look that’ll be a decision taken by His Highness ultimately.

Will make recommendations in that regard I know that in the short term they’ve given consideration to perhaps Irish Darby with him but they could since selected to.
Target the Eclipse back to a mile and a quarter only showing.

A high-class horse and you know I’m sure that Charlie and shake my little placing to advantaging and that’ll be be really interesting to watch his progress for the rest of this.

Year and perhaps beyond that indeed it will and on the local front you’ve been busy this week inspecting the weanling crop of horses that will of course be two-year-olds that come August 1 2019 were there many that caught your eye at this early stage of their development yeah look Joe we’ve to mention our wedding inspection of this sheep which we.

Do this week which we do try and try and achieve on a monthly basis they’re really exciting group of young horses particularly I think in addition to to our older proven champion horses like acceding excel.

Alumni there’s a really broad range of young sized represented – and horses like exosphere and Karadzic’s with their first files.

The team are particularly excited by them um we’ve got some really well bred horses in that regard that nice physicals as well so in addition to our own home bred population the ability to see young weanlings by those forces that the wheeling sales this year has been really exciting the Wheeling stage of development is so important as they develop into Yelling’s and then beyond that fully grown racehorses are there some.

Particular processes that and management things that you have in place to look after this young crop of.

Horses yeah so I mean from that from the time they’re born we have a we we try and devise it and an exhaustive development program that gives each individual horse the opportunity to reach their potential ultimately on the.

Racecourse and a good offer and that’s largely centered around just letting the animal be natural in its environment and you know be happy happy as a horse fundamentally and we don’t have the pressure of course of of having to prepare horses for a style so that gives us a bit bit of a room and leeway in that regard that there’s in no ways.

There any pressure ever placed on the individual and we just manage them all accordingly they all have their inherent individual traits as we know so it’s just trying to ensure that each horse develops in.

A way that allows it to reach its potential and how’s the current yearling crop looking at this stage Jason of course they turn to.

Pretty soon are you excited at some of the prospects there there’s no question it’s a great time of year so particularly yearling.

Groups in particular they’ve been through the stable with the more precocious ones that are in for the third time at the moment and we’re just sort of about to settle on golden Swiffer and.

Blue Diamond nominations and filtering out groups to see which ones are likely to be ready for the early trials and first.
Oaks race another season so.

At this stage the dreams are very much alive in individually it could often you know we think we’ve got a very strong crop again this year and in the yelling sense and as I said again with a broad range of stallions represented and supplementing knows something those older horses we talked about that we know a.

Champion we’ve also got the first crops of brazen bow Howard crown is shooting the wind which as I say just uncertainty and and excitement around what those horses could potentially throw their progeny in the system it just gives everyone a boost again through the colder months of winter mmm what are some of the key and typical attributes of the.

Braeden bows the shooting two wins and halide crowns that you’ve seen Jason well they’re all a bit different Joe as you know we were back in the.

Yelling market in a big way this year purchasing 20 all up and we were fortunate enough.

To secure horses by all of those stallions shooting the wind we managed numerically to take the most home we ended up buying five yearlings to supplement our own home breads what I’d say that is stock is that they tend to be.

Very athletic they’re certainly showing you from the early part their education that they’re quite precocious and you.

Know we’ve got we’ve got some really well well bred horses we bought a beautiful filly on the Gold Coast half sister to Faulkner so there’s some really strong pedigrees to back them up but he’s shooting to win the horse that we’ve found relatively easy the breathing that throws direct horses much in his own style with plenty of substance and and and good quality so they.

Were very excited about him and perhaps the other thing I’d say is that of those yearlings that went through the system we know that their place with all the top trainers around the country so we’re really excited about the opportunity that should afford him.

Your role at this time of the year Jason it could be likened to that of someone prospecting for gold or casting and I over all these young horses to see where they might end up yeah it’s a very fortunate position to be in it.

Off and performing that role for shaykh muhammad and we as a team we very much approach.

It on that basis where we’re searching for that next champion for Sheikh Mohammed I’m usually exciting of course to work with blood soccer the quality that we do you know brazen bows a horse that we’re hugely excited.

About as well we’ve got two cults ones one’s a half brother to a stern and Alize and the other half brother Tom Bulls you know we could hardly be more excited about and Howard crowned himself another horse that some you know we found plenty of the yearling styles that we that we liked and we managed to play to home and what.

Are those I can’t we bought on the Gold Coast we’re going Logan Parker and they’re called Johanna doc he he looks like he could be a particularly exciting pro prospect for us in addition to some really well bred home breads.

As well so but he’s a horse that again has great quality.

And perhaps the most exciting thing about him is that much like himself they’re expected to come into their own at 3 so the fact that they are showing as much as they are in this early part of their education gives us huge huge reason to be really optimistic about his future as well Jason you must really enjoy your job it’s great joy absolutely yeah like.
All the shared guitar somewhere we’re privileged not only.

To work with the caliber of horses and people that we have but to do it with the backing of a man like shaykh muhammad.
As i mentioned that that success the Epsom Derby it can cannot be.

Overstated how important that is not only.

For him but it gives the local Australian team it great great inspiration you.

Know as we approach the the upcoming spring and we’re very much a global organization and I.

Can assure you that the local team got a huge buzz out of his success and we hope to deliver on some of our own.

Come here Jason thanks for joining us on talking horses and sharing your fascinating insights I probably don’t go anytime that’s Jason Walsh good often racing and blood stock manager great to hear his perspective particularly on the weanling crop that he inspected this week and some of the expectations around the current group of yearlings there could be another.

Major race winner amongst them.

We’ll be back with more on the show after this OH after this OH after this.


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