Welcome everyone to the weekend preview with time foam not with been fairly not with me but with this guy Nick he’s normally sat in this seat that’s why we’ve swapped round because the onus is on you to find the winners today and the race is that we’re going to look at comprised of two a new breed into a.

Doncaster we’ve got Cheltenham as well obviously this 24-hour declaration so hard for us at this.
Point to get stuck into that.

Bar obviously check out the website and raise passes for an up to date view from time forum on those races but we’re going to look specifically at the st.

Along with the Horace Hillier – group race is there that an impossible fire fell on handicap at Doncaster followed by what we all want to call the reson post row football what we must call the vert M Futurity stakes so how do you feel.

About sitting there at this precise moment in time well as a morning the hails from Lancashire just.

Swapping seats is a bit troubling to me don’t like change but yes it’s exciting it’s exciting and so is the racing let’s start.

Stakes in Simon rollin stakes as we call it a time forum house the 220 at new Bri 11 runners is a bit of a bigger field than we used to for this.

Particular group three whose – sort of short Lister who’s the market principles that we should be looking at well the betting seems to revolve around one horse really am young rascal at the moment and the time of speaking.

On Thursday evening when we film this he’s 15 to 8 young rascal and it just seems like a really ideal opportunity for him it’s been really interesting to follow this season we haven’t seen as much as him as we’d like because he’d remember back in May and he won the chest of ours looked a real fancy for the Derby haven’t seen him since until the other week when he won the legacy Cup and that really.

Earmarked him as a horse who will go on from that and probably over.

Further in time but he looks really nice three-year-old and I mean I was looking at how much is up for grabs and this is 34,000 pounds to the winner it just looks a really good opportunity for him to to pick up some prize money before next year it was a feeling that it’s a stepping stone for him to next year as well because you mentioned that knew we win on his comeback from a summer take the second for Simcox is when that gradual.
Race over in America as well so it looks strong form he looks a strong.

Horse especially for next year and it’s a simple case of yeah he’s got the best form he’s probably got the most potential so at least you can reason the why he’s 15 to 8 anything else.

For that much should we move on to the Horace Hill you can quickly mention a few the ones up against him weekend as second in the betting at the moment Frankel Cole he’s been like a largely consistent and he’s threatened quite a few times when winning them running.

Well in handicaps to be a group horse but every time he’s running it he’s fallen a bit short so 7:30 is probably not not the best sort of price for him considering he’s shown his limitations in the past and communiques another one is all communic he’s by lemons to at the moment he’s got about four pounds to find on our.


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