Roaring lion how is he ahead of his date on champions day he’s had a long season started off in April fair comment he has had a long season he’s been on the go here since February he did spend great deal of february-march enjoying himself playing kicking rearing ups and they just took a little time to get in the.

Zone and it began to click in the guineas when he ran a good race v slightly stranded on his own and then after that he’s been simply fantastic blew him.

Away and and he didn’t stay in the Derby last one off the bridle finished third and then he’s gone through the Eclipse job on international.

And the champion at leopard Stan had to overcome a slow pace and going wide there was impressive on that short straight to quicken like he did so look he’s been nothing but a pleasure to Train you’ve got a fantastic Constitution he’s got bigger he’s got stronger he’s eating he’s doing well he’s training well he does not strike me at the stages of horses had enough for going over the top he’s looking in the same form.

As York and he is he’s pleasing his Kieran O’Neil and Ben ride him and look up you know Ben look after him and the horse still seems very much very much.

In in peak condition I hope these are not sort of famously silly words and very much plan a would be to kick co-champion stakes but he’s also got the option of acuity yes very much so I mean we’d love to run the mile a quarter obviously but if we got a torrential downpour and it was heavy and swindia bothered me you know the thing about this horse is he’s.

Got this lightning turn a foot but he we run him on that ground it blunts it so then we’d have to look at the straight mile and see.

Whether that’s an option every chance we will see him on champions day one is to run very much so and of course the owners.

Are dead keen to run but would always do what’s right for the horse at the moment I couldn’t be happier with him Breeders Cup would be in the background.

That would then have to be discussed bang on the weekend itself would be no decision about that till we quite.

Know what we’re doing through the week but it’s something that’s very much being looked.

At yes in cracksmen I was the latest on him super forum happy with him you know he’s he’s walked into the hottest and driest summer since 1976 he’s also just like to get his toe in he’s out of a pivotal.

Mare and and he’s one to grew ones this year but he was wasn’t happy on the ground at a skirt and a little distracted by.

The Phillies from the previous race so to that extent we then prepared him for the King George too firm didn’t run and prepare for the job on international Japan running and then the arc they only got one millimeter of rain we left him in at the last possible moment we couldn’t run in because it was slick on top and firm underneath he runs he runs a tasket be the last race be retired this year it’s been a fabulous horse but he hasn’t been able.

To shine this year I think if he’d had more suitable underfoot conditions we were seen the cracksmen of old I almost could still could well see it on Saturday it was around this time last year he really.

Came into his own as he’s showing you that same kind of form this time I think it remember he was the three year old and he was quite unfurnished and.

He was maturing I think he got stronger through the year and suddenly you had a strength to return a foot rather than just lengthening galloping and you know he’s all the attributes are.

There they’re all there and he’s.

A fabulous horse and lovely horse to be around and I think you’re put.

In a huge performance whether he could give the weight to a three-year-old could be tough for him you’d mentioned before he might try head gear with him is that still an option I wouldn’t be opposed to in the slightest I’m a great believer in America we use it all the time sometimes I work horses and blinkers not running it you know but I have no.

Prejudice against that whatsoever particularly for horses got to the stage where.

You know he rather fancy the Phillies when they walk around the yard so maybe a touch of focus for his last run would be a good idea Lottie da come out of it and ledger bouncing yes yes she’s took it very well she got the swing.

Of it late finished well we’re very pleased with her she’s a.

Fresh filly really coming into the autumn and we’re very happy and.

Very hopeful she can run a big race and and in the Coronet he’s nothing but.

A gem of consistent consistency group to win a chindan group was she’ll be there as well and she’s a real little really.

Tough lovely filly and is it looking like Frankie on Lottie da and leave that to the jock I don’t make those decisions for him because of it it goes wrong he blames me.

Run up against some top class.

Horses race season poor girl she’s running to enable she’s running to obviously see.

A class this year she’s run into beating her nose by boldness I mean she’s she’s run some fabulous races while I.

Ribblesdale is one a middle turn she’s she’s a good feeling in stradivarius for the long distance cut yeah the little yep our little champion he’s in great form freshened up well since the Lonsdale you know he’s he seems to be right back to his best he’s enjoyed his.

Little holiday but then he started getting a mischievous so he had a little bit more with him but he’s a grand horse and he’s been nothing but a pleasure to be around all year and put in a stunning performance in the Ascot girl he was third in the race last year on soft ground wood soft underfoot conditions beer cans yes he’s better on top of the ground there’s no doubt about that and he showed that in but I think.

From his point of view you know unless it was the word H was in there would be inclined to run in next season he sticks around and yes yes I don’t think any plans at this moment to be sending him to studies he’s a sweet charming horse to be around he’s a pleasure to Train and the owner breeder beyond Nielson is you know he’s he’s been a passionate owner breed and he comes up with.

A horse like this he deserves it.

And he really he really enjoys being around the horse and and you know planning things with for the horse I think you very much stays in training given he.

Said of conquered the staring division this season my TV seen over slightly shorter trips.


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