Well Jon Gosselin promised us improvement from roaring lion when he ran in the dentist aches and when that’s what we got he was a very easy when look quite impressive I thought he built on that run in the guineas last time out looks every inch as though he was appreciated to step up to modern to the big question.

Now is where he goes next I think the Prix de jockey club might be a.

Natural fit for him again as a Milan to race a Milan for Epsom might be just a.

Bit too far for him and Aiden O’Brien will be sitting pretty again because his horse de Brisky finished third in the dancing then he’s way down the pecking order at Bally duel so it gives him another string to his bow in terms of finding out where Saxon warrior fits into all of this and the likelihood is he’s right at the very top I think roaring line goes to France and I think Saxon warrior is.
Still the one they’ve all got to be – Epsom..


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