So good afternoon from Halifax it’s a bit drizzly outside but the same can’t be said for tomorrow’s racing no certainly not it’s a cracking day isn’t it one of you know obviously we’ve got classics in this country we’ve got the Irish champion you know whatever floats your boat on the flat you’re gonna find find something to really get.

Your teeth – the king – yeah really stellar weekend because there’s also this Sunday as well we’ve all very very briefly but the main focus is on Saturdays action and Doncaster I want to start off with what looks.

A really tricky handicap important yeah we can start with the Portland I thought we were gonna start with the legible sorry I’ve gone in race card order well we’ll go with.

The Portland now causing havoc can only apologise we’ll start with the poil anyway in them I think the best way into this race is to sort of common and how good a hand or stronger hand that Michael does looks to have because he at the moment he has a tea.

Market leaders yeah exactly like you mentioned in the – at the head of the bet in think at Holmes Wood is around a four to one chance and about nine or.
Ten to one that we’re looking at Dakota Gold and it both.

Got quite similar profiles really you go back sort of towards the start of the season they’re both rated a fair bit higher than than what they are now for whatever reason it just hasn’t happened for them but it had been more encouraging signs of labour our homes wood at Lieber meeting certainly wasn’t seen to.

Best effect that day ruling on strongly at the finish best of those held up you know you just saw that run and thought a return to.

Is is best is imminent and obviously given how far he’s dropped down the handicap when he does come back to his best he’s handicapped to win it’s nice to see saw the better so I said a Caesar at the top meeting of the day because normally he find in when Rolla Scott.

Only could be at first because of my room is no doubt for me that is the best jockey that’s right.

In in the country at the moment you mentioned those lesser meetings that you see him riding that he’s just regularly going there having trebles having for time as you’re just so often he’s literally being.

The difference between these average horses that don’t have anything in hand and you stick him on them and like I say he makes the difference he turns the seconds or thirds into first he’s just the better is around at the moment I think how do you attack.

A race like this is the draw something that you go to first or like you say you get such a big field you want to start trying to cross a few out and I like to start looking at the drawer and is a good piece of Simon Roland who’s written available on the website.

Suggest you check that out if you want to read about the drawer in more detail but he’s looked at the last ten runnings of the Portland and they suggest that there’s a pretty strong trend towards those drawn in the middle stalls or higher so if you’re in a low drawer it looks like you might be up against it so I’m sort of prepared.

Know sort of one to six one two seven one to write that kind of draw they probably are going to be up against it if you know the trends that we’ve.


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