Follow Paddy Power on snapchat the username is the paddy power and we promise there won’t be any boring snaps about Giggs the weather or the gym hi there welcome along it’s Monday it is the Racing post post cast I’m Bruce Wellington Maddie’s away so I’m stepping in and I’m delighted to be joined by the rest of the usual.

Mundy crew knit watts and Tom Seagal Plus from Paddy Power Tom Nugent right tonnes to get through today as well as looking back on last weekend where we had enables glorious comeback hairy.

Angels shock reverse and various other bits and pieces going on we’re looking ahead mostly today because these.

Absolutely tonnes coming up four fantastic days of action on town more in Doncaster is this an edge a week and we’ve also got.

The fantastic Irish Champions weekend as well there’s loads happening we’ve even got the Kerry national hopefully the two Tom’s and Nick are brimming with wisdom and winners let’s.

Start in my looking ahead to the final classic of the season takes place at Doncaster on Saturday 335 the William Hill sent ledger Kew Gardens is the favorite just how short is he at the moment Tom indeed 11 to a Kew Gardens the.

Favorite for the legitimate our old Persian next in five-to-one lat eat our 6th one southern France a its alongside Latrobe and Loxley and 12 to one and bigger the rest first of all Nick Watts what do you think.

The weather is gonna throw at us what would the ground be like at Donnie I did.

Before I came on just to just to check things out and I think there’s some rain forecast for like Tuesday into Wednesday and from there necessary to draw it up so.

I don’t think is gonna be lightning quick I don’t think is going to be soft I think it’s just gonna be a nice level playing.

Field for all of them so hopefully that’s what will get and there’ll be no excuses that’s the big question second big question then is will Kew Gardens win the ledger Tom Siegel probably yes Bruce whether I want.

To back him up five to four I think it’s is debatable 11 wait was it Tom there I can’t remember now yeah 11 the way I’ve look he’s the.

Best horse in the race I think he’s won the group one I don’t think there’s another horse in there that’s won a group one the only doubt I had about him would have been very soft ground I don’t think we’re going to get that as neat what’s has just pointed out I thought his trial in the voltage er was was eye catching really because he was one of those horses he may had.

To miss the King George Denis because he was ill and so he was one of those horses that was well behind according to Aidan that just getting it getting up to speed again in the voltage I think he’ll reverse the form with Old Persian but I’m not sure.

He’s miles ahead of a few of the others in the race including some of his stable companions and so I’m not convinced I want to backing me 11 away who would you wanna back I would want to back believe it or not DX be a bit each way I think I think his I think his Derby form is better than Kew Gardens is well I know it’s.

Gums was miles behind and I think he’s had reasons why he hasn’t run so well the last few times I actually didn’t think he ran too badly at all at Goodwood last time behind.


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