We’re here in the Royal College of Surgeons and Dublin city centre for the launch of Irish champions weekend where I in delights to be joined by Joseph O Brien Irish Derby winning trainer which has a great ring today and for him to win and Irish Derby has been worn looking ahead to the Irish champions weekend it’s a huge.

Weekend for a trainer like yourself I’m sure you’ve got a dear marked in your diary yeah absolutely it’s been the biggest weekend and in world racing and any horses that we have capable of lining up throughout.

The weekend will go and whatever spitting well he’ll take his chance and hopefully we could sneak one winner over the weekend and we’d be going home very happy Aiden a huge weekend in your calendar yeah no thanks David it’s very special weekend and we’re just so lucky and Irish racing to have this weekend.

It’s the perfect / awesome races unbelievably prestigious races and unbelievable tracks.

And unbelievable sponsorship so or just so lucky to have it for the spectators for the jockeys for the trainers for the owners like what can.

I say it’s unbelievable really and it’s been a very good weekend to you in the past looking ahead to dis year’s festival Diaries champion stakes a race that I’m sure that you’ve got a couple penciled in for and Saxon warrior might just be top of the queue yeah and that was the plan David we give him a break after Sandown was a big ask what we asked him to do was to go back a week after and go to to.

Sand down and he run it on believable race the platen was then to hopefully get.
Him started back maybe go to York and with the plan to come.

Back to lepers town so everything is going according to plan so far Donna Corrado Marcus Martin was very happy with him so hopefully.

I sense a filly we haven’t seen the best of yet is Clare me and she could go for the matron sticks yeah Jamie had a good few holdups and we just got her back.

To run and Ascot and we thought that she would improve a last she was beaten I think 10 or 12 lengths by alpha stage Orion.
In Ascot and we thought that she would improve and.

She went to new American and she was beaten four or five I think so and we thought that she would improve again so hopefully she gets a leprous down in good shape and they did be interesting to see does she step forward more sober looking forward to running the Irish st. Leger and we’ve seen some fantastic performances from orders in George in that race is that likely to be where you go this year again yeah that’s the plan hopefully he’s in good form obviously he’s in the ground he like you.

To ground my even a little behind a quick side from an ascot and he just looked after himself he’s a six-year-old called now but he seems to be in good form and that’s what we’d be hoping for and she’s in the matrons takes.

That leprous tone was just a few weeks away will be a home game effectively for her it must be a pretty attractive option at this stage for her yeah it is if she comes out of the river this race well we don’t know yet she came back on Sunday night and she seems.

To be absolutely fine she’ll get ridden out tomorrow and we’ll take it from there and if.


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