The ark returns to long sharp its natural home the grand stands packed awaiting the race the stores crash open for the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe as expected James doll takes a pull on CF class who’s held up towards the rear and Nabal its prominent Nelson takes em along halfway down the straight and an angle gowns are under.

Frankie she kicks two legs clear my brother’s bars took three boxing non-salaried staying on and down the outside see applause is putting in a tremendous.

Challenge she’s eating out the deficit when Abel on the far side just from see applause enable one they are there was a margin to the 9cm Klaus was putting in a tremendous challenge under James Doyle she was powering home but at the line the turf run out and unable as just hold on she becomes the eight horse to win two Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe Frankie Tottori extends his own four.

To six are victories on a horse who.

Was harming only her second run on the year she was champion and Shaun T last year she’s.

Champion along Shore this year Frankie looks to the skies he takes her into the wind enclosure a flying dismount from a fabulous fini.

The trophy held aloft as Jonathan looks on and Frankie calls for cheers from the crowd.


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