She’s fine she’s been good since since the race at Kempton and we’re happy with her and she’s just been cantering away would have counted they except for the wet and the cold and it’s not a good idea to get a filly wet and cold and give her a chill we got a very sunny week next week and we.

Just build her up now for the arc where we’re happy with her progress and she should well in herself she goes there a fresh filly I hope they get.

A little bit of rain they hope they’ve seemed to be missing a bit of this I thought the ground there last Sunday was very fast but his sand kicking up which wouldn’t be entirely her scene one horse who will enjoy the rain.

Will be cracksman if he makes it into the race as well absolutely he breezed yesterday we’re very happy with him and he’s building up for the arc as well and if you know if we get the rain there he’ll be running there if not he’ll be waiting.

For champion state it’s been quite the season for roaring lion he goes through Cobra.

Champions day now so that’s the plan he obviously.

Is not wanting too much rain he’s very happy on.

Good soft but he just wouldn’t want to go soft heavy and let’s hope it doesn’t and he’ll be aiming at the champion stakes on the 20th.

In he’s in sparkling form since lepers town I’ve been he was actually quite full of himself yesterday playing around so he’s.

Got some constitution that horse has been this season for you to come back.

From how he started the season to now being the best year he wasn’t very happy with all this sort of thing was a very wet cold winter that went on and.

On and on we had no spring so to that extent you know he was never quite with us early on certainly not in the craving here and a nice race in the guineas but he got over where the juncture wasn’t drifted off on his own and it didn’t really get in the body of the race around well and then you sensation on the Dan T ran.

A blinder last one off the bridle in the in the Derby but he didn’t stay the trip and since then he’s been magnificent so yeah he’s got a good Constitution you asking him to go from February through till October November it’s a big ass but at the moment he seems to.

Be answering the call if rain like this continues to have another target in mind the Breeders Cup Louisville so you know.

That comes pretty sharpish two weeks after two weeks after the champions days so I think if it was heavy for instance you wouldn’t run it’s good – soft I’m quite sure he would run and.

He’s one of them good – soft he just wouldn’t want to see it getting too much the other way breeders cup that would be the turf rather than a mile.

It would be the mile and a half turf or have a look at the classic the thing about the classic is as they thought you know Mendelssohn found out this year you wouldn’t want to be.
Running on a sloppy track that is a bit of an acquired.

Taste but he being a mile a quarter horse you would consider the classic as well as the turf and the mile and a half on a flat oval round three bends is not a lot different to a mile and a quarter say at Sandown when it’s that similar sort of test of stamina it’s not like running a mile and a half at a skittle Epsom for instance so that I found a lot of good mile of quarters in Europe were very happy mile half an.

America around around the ovals you’ve just said Stradivarius will be lined up for the long distance cut providing the grounds okay yeah he’s in.

He’s in sparking form put some weight on playful very happy in himself so I.

Think we’ll we’ll aim for that if as long as it’s not heavy we I think the owner would like to run him there and put him away until next year for the we’re going.

Back to the old shack up again horses are always a yard favorite but is he.

Gone up another notch having landed that bonus for.

The yard well I think everyone’s very fond at when they give him a little.

Rub on the nose but they walk by and he’s a very cheerful fellow he’s not a big horse chestnut why it sucks what he’s a he’s a he’s a grand halls to be around he’s.

Always had a massive lot of character champions they lasted on the filly summers how she come yes she only just got the idea of what she was meant to be doing in the last furlong in our finished out strongly in the legend of all the horses I run in the legend.

Some have won it she’s taking the race better than any other she’s very good order so we will we will go to a skirt with her that have been a game plan and the same owners have got a very exciting to dine.

Hut any plans for him yes to do her steaks is where we’re aiming with him and we’re pleased with the horse in every way since they’re AC to bed in his stride well quickened up from a awkward position and we’ll be looking for running I’m gonna do this.


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