Welcome to the Facebook live pun pun was spectacular pun spectacular fantastic yes it’s a slightly different time this week but very much the same format in that we’re going to be looking ahead to Saturday’s action and it’s pretty much about as good as it gets really in terms of action and considering that the big guns are out we.

Thought we’d best get fire bombs big Wow well considering that this meeting is only a matter of years old it’s remarkable how quickly it has developed into this big end of season defining championship which.

Is it meant to be 19 group 1 winners across the five main races than the handicap at the end not 5 group ones.

As I mistakenly put at the top of my article because the long distance covers only a group 2 but only a matter of time obviously before that becomes a group 1 so.

Yet the right sort of horses the right sort of stories but I suppose the one difference or the one complexity is obviously the present sort of.

Soft heavy ground in places that’s not the ideal circumstances for an end-of-season championship but by the same token that’s a good angle to think of and consider and we’ll be doing exactly that as we walk through the main races in fact all races on champions day indeed you remember the very first Japanese day Fraenkel yeah yeah don’t mean to make you feel all when I say this but I remember being absurdly are I was I think I was in freshers.

Shorts watching Frankel wouldn’t they the you know he to and there we’ve never bizarre I think it was good to soft ground that day was that was that heart yeah and depended way you were.

Geographically as well because I travel down from the north where we are now to the south where us go is well the night before we stopped in a hotel and there.

Was even some doubts about a where the the race and we’ll go ahead and be with the Frankel would run because the ground was so soft before it dried out and of course that was Frankel’s glorious last hurrah yeah so we’ll start with the only group.

Group to the long distance Cod but it’s a great one really masquerading as a group to you think in one name stands out here in the form of Stradivarius he’s had the perfect season you know the one thing.

I would ask about him is he’s had a long season yeah all starts over longer distances and for all that he won the million pound bonus last time he.

Looked like yeah he made heavy weather of that and it did feel like the wears and tears of that long season were beginning to catch up with him at York obviously two months off to refresh and reprogram since then which will help he run really well in this race last year as a three-year-old when he had that was his fifth run six one in fact of the season this will be his fifth run but the strains and stresses of the series is.

The reason why they put that million pound up because you don’t put a million pound up if you really believe it’s going to.

Not in the first season and the staying series is so taxing and demanding because it’s a long-distance running within a long-distance season and I think that Stradivarius one really interesting stuff regards him is that I did some research this morning he have to go back 50 years 1968 was the last time an ascot gold cup.

Winner completed an unbeaten season which is pretty remarkable but it tells you the story of the.

Demands that staying and marathon running effectively put on these horses we’ve had horses like rite of passage puppy know who else cave tarah who in theory had undefeated seasons but they run only twice and never run after the Gold Cup and rite.
Of passage it was his only start of the season so.

You have to go about 50 years to find the last horse who’ll be foreign after.

Royal Ascot was a Gold Cup winner who completed an unbeaten season that tells you plenty.

At stake for Stradivarius and also just about that weight.

Of history being against him he’s got the best form we know that he’s got the perfect season we’ve talked.

About that but in terms of the weight of history it is an arduous task for him to go right through all the way into October and pink again for a fifth time this season yeah he’s a short price as well and even.

Money is the best salt price is edging into odds on and favorites don’t have a really recording this is amenable around the orders and jobs yes many a heart palpitation yes and he sort of.

Just pulled out the fire at the end of the race last year and he’s been bleeped in this race horses like estimate horses like leading lights came here expecting to win and didn’t.

Get the job done and again that ties in to the fact of the long season taking his toll by mid-october so it’s gonna be he’s treading it a careful and Jon Gosselin regards letting this horse have a bit of a rest after the earning a million pound but also building him back up again but the bottom line is that he’s the best part.

Of the race the big question is will he be able will fatigue have kicked in holy still be fresh.
Enough to produce his best and you.

Get the impression Nick you mentioned a lot of st.

Just get the feeling that if Stradivarius is going to win this he’s probably gonna win it ugly much the same as all of Saint George.

Managed to last year I think the right question is in regards to the opposition is anything good enough for wise to really test it I look at flag of honor oh yeah and he’s.

A front-runner so imagine he’s gonna try and pour it home from the front yes so let’s spell this out a little bit more in ratings terms so to Barry to seven pounds ahead of the next best in which is flag of honour so you’re talking about three or four lengths that’s what he’s.

Got to play with in theory what you think we’ll have him safe past the post first.

Ball by the same token the question is to what extent will have seven pounds that he’s going hungry reduced by him perhaps not being.

In his top line and others coming up because flag of honor was raised his game every time he’s come to the truck the development of him bullying his way to.

The top in Harlem because he’s been able to dictate in those races against what you could call in theory a home opposition well he is the up and comer Fred nor Brian no surprise that rhyme law has selected.


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