But it’s been better well clear up if lost this is a rising star band battle of spin battles going to vote in the dubai tooth experience a Murphy get through end of one gates are back they’re racing in the debye turf and they’re going straight back to the rear is Blair House away quickly Krong Kazmir also Janu B.

And Ben battle boxed away beautifully it’s up on the outside and neo-realism just getting a little bit keener from the fence championship now goes for from promising run they were followed.

By monarchs clean and raw water Kree going through on the fence then came Real Steel trifler next of all as they run down the back is Lancaster bomber over.

On the inside Blair House followed by Dierdre 5th loss and back to the tail of proceedings is lash LA they run their way down the back straight and the front-runner is.

Janu B for South Africa Janu peace out piling feather been battles sitting in the breeze second championship over on its inside they will followed by neo-realism promising runner crocosmia caught out wide as they leave the back.

Straight next of all monarchs land out on the fence a war decree on the fence at least as monarchs blend made ground.

Around the outside of Real Steel they will follow back in the field by Blair House.

Next of all then is Trey Fleur with a Deirdre next of all flute viv loss well back was Lancaster bomber and back at the tail is Leslie they come to the top of the straight they’re about to turn in and Janu be slipped away they go to the 500 Bader’s and Janu bees out by 4 lengths over Ben battle in second followed by championship crocosmia down the outside real steel.

Full of dead by Lana I explained beginning to get warm synchron between the myriad realism.

Down the outside his give loss gave the front bin battle as I get the 250 Deirdre and fifth loss real steal charge after pin battle pin battles out by three links fifth losses down the outside spend battle well.

Clear of Bev lost this is a rising star been battling been battles going to bolt in the Dubai turf it’s been battled by four lengths of a big loss Real Steel and Deirdre sheriff erase away then for the cat our Sussex takes they leave the starting gate slog.

Litters and Gustav Klimt Anor banner tops him behind early on beat the bank with the noseband the pink cap of expert eye on the right out wide is without parole and these are forced to be the leading CEO as they head through the first quarter mile in behind him dark blue of so beloved races ahead of Gustav Klimt the last couple of runners all bond is the back marker and the gray Lord Cletus is behind him but it is a slow pace.

In the early strides of the Kedar sussex takes and androids ne has ended up in front on the favoured unbeaten without parole a pink.

Cap of expert eye on second place the blue checkered to beat the bank behind.

Those is a length and a half to lightning spear holding fourth position as they move past halfway.

So beloved against the running rail a similar jacket Gustav Klimt is up on the outside of hims they begin to quicken Lord ghitis is one but la sorbonne is the bat marker into.

The straight they come without parole against the running rail with a nose band of beat the bank on the extreme right is expert on the pink a pin.

Behind those is Gustav Klimt paul baan making progress from the back of the field lightning spear is next heading down towards the last quarter mile now without parole.

Beat the bank and expert eye lightning spear riding behind him so beloved is coming there his coast of tint it’s wide open as they approach the foul on pole now expert either Gustav Klimt beat the bank is their lightning spear coming through between those expertise just in front lightning spear throwing out the challenge in the closing stages.

Lightning spear Enoshima Murphy get through and of one expert eye and second third is very.

Tight low clearance on the outside.

Of Gustav Klimt don’t beat the bank just in.

Behind those first number two lightning spear..


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