Serena Williams activity out on the court I know nothing about obviously anything about sports however she looked so sincere when she was like this is ie I am not a cheater well it turns out um yeah you are your coach admitted to it later yeah should we listen to the audio yeah her sounding very sincere this is Serena.

Williams fighting with the umpire Hey so here she is it’s nothing sincere she is she she uses her child I stand up for what is right for my child if you if you hadn’t have seen it yourself you’d be like you know what she’s probably right I mean she’s using every bit of righteous you know.

Indignation she can yes and here’s the quote from the coach I’m honest I was coaching she went on to say I don’t think she looked at me so that’s why she.

Didn’t think I was know I don’t know if that’s true or not but.

That also doesn’t make it doesn’t make a difference yeah you know whether she sees him or not here’s what in a good in a reasonable world here’s what should happen she should now.

Come out on television and say I was wrong to say that to the umpire because apparently my coach was coaching that’s what the Empire saw I did not see that so my apologies to the umpire I’ve had a conversation with.

My coach it’s outrageous I don’t cheat and that’s an okay ending to that so yeah that would be right would be it’s not if that was what happened no that’s not the ending what happened.

Was Serena went to a postgame conference and talked about the umpire and his sexism you definitely can’t go back in time but I can’t sit here and say I.

Wouldn’t say he’s a thief because he I thought he took a game for me but I’ve seen other men call other umpires several.

Things and I’m here fighting for women’s rights and for women’s equality don’t you.

Plan to all kinds of stuff and for me to say thief infirm to take a game it made me feel like it was a sexist remark I.

A game from a man because I said feat for me it blows my mind but I’m gonna continue to to fight.

For women and to fight for us to have equal eye coordination should be able to take your shirt off without getting a fine like this is outrageous you know and I just feel like a terrible organ.

The fact that I have to go through this is just an example for the next person that has emotions and that want to express themselves and they want to be a strong woman and they’re gonna be allowed to do that because today maybe didn’t work out for me.

But it’s gonna work out for the next person hell do you think happened out there you were playing tennis by the way getting your butt kicked at tennis.

She’s a great tennis player mine is probably the best.

Ever but she was going to lose this match either way she’s getting destroyed now all the attention away from Naomi Osaka who won her first Grand Slam it was a huge first.

Japanese woman I think to win a Grand Slam would have been a huge deal for her instead it’s all about Serena Williams and her.

Victimization of sexism this.

Poor you know hundred millionaire has had so much sexism tonight with another it’s good question so the the he’s a sexist so he caused her to lose to another woman I was right the point was taken away and it benefited another woman you know it just.

Sounds like redistribution of points to me and so in you know her her argument that and this get this this umpire has had confrontations with men before he’s kind of a little bit known to be just a little testy so you know like literally every single point.

She brings up has no basis and yet she’s being praised as this hero of women’s rights she’s not out there playing tennis for women’s rights she’s out there playing tennis because she’s really freaking good at it and can make lots and lots of money doing it you.


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