The gold medal back taking on the six seed Chinese Wang Chu chin another Japan against China gold which way will this one go a little bit more selective when he goes and pumps up the volume but you can see so quickly very quick earlier that’s unfortunate very well too easy for Wang to put that away unleashing nice huge.
Four hands they service in this first game and that’s the pressure.

Even their harimoto isn’t had other ideas excellent counter.

There we go beautiful fair not a lot of room to work with footballs here from Wayne got him it’s that the key just the one require the handle breaks of service for so.

Long break of service now right I win that 11 5 and level up he’s got one of them now straight back at Harappan he’s been dead to him in the previous game not right off the bat but Wang here and now Phi after what had happened in such.
A good player haramachi looks a bit can.

Into it now body language is like he feels he’s to one down already very unlikely you’ll come back from here oh that’s ridiculous 10 game points and he does dish out the mercy point what part of the tradition really the sport just don’t see it too.

Often and hairy motorist oh well hurry Knights I Windsor thrill his.

Coal medal match spoilt for choice already looking to respond to being Chinese player dishing out a mercy serve and at 10 and I just closed the game 11 1 mincing the Chinese nationals as well watched him a lot these past few days Wang.

And he got it change the directions first class they’re wearing their to flick that back the other direction another one another the game that it’s height-gain what made that couple of balls back to the table that one there and again here just so seceded out and wang karry moto say able to employ the van just miss.

It he’s stolen it there is that the telling moment in this gold medal match Wang couch in saves get made a big point Wang every singles and the mixed team event a moment it’s looking like opponents a little bit too tough to stop to run make it counts I seize him front in the.

Game but he’s won a couple of points can you put together on the return from Wang comes into focus now because Oh moments where it’s harimoto with this his this one.

And and you’ve got to give him credit he.

Didn’t hold back there on the maximum precious locks and Wang Shu Qing wins the gold medal here in the men’s singles at Buenos Aires 2018.


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