Hey what’s up yesterday we talked about coachup why I want you to have your own website why I want you to have your own brand and let’s talk about that right now I’m going to show you the easiest possible solution to handle all of your online website needs and there’s a lot of them there’s millions of sites I’ve.

Used probably I think twelve different type of software in the past to handle all my websites all of my landing pages all of my payment pages and.

Distractions out there I know there’s like Wix Squarespace WordPress and a lot of other solutions out there that take a long time to figure out and my goal is very simple I am.
A coach I’m not some tech nerd and most coaches don’t like.

To be on the computer and I understand this.

There’s got to be a solution for coaches that don’t like to be behind the computer they don’t like to spend hours trying to figure something out and when you have to spend hours trying to figure something out it’s gonna be a problem and it’s gonna take too long and it’s too frustrating you’re not gonna do it the best solution.

I’ve come across if you look at all of my websites neighbors Soccer Academy com San Antonio soccer camps calm build my sports biz calm soccer entrepreneur calm.

I could go down the list of other sites I have there are all created on the same platform and it’s called kajabi it’s kaj ABI and if you shoot.

Me a comment below I will give you a 30-day free trial to kajabi I’m telling you it’s the best thing out there it’s literally drag-and-drop and they have.

Really professional templates you can use it’s so easy all of the coaches that are in our consulting program they’re starting to use that and it’s going to handle all of your payments we talked about yesterday in the.

Video about coach app coach up is gonna allow you to sell blocks of sessions that is not gonna.

Have a successful business you need to have a monthly membership set up with high higher end commitment six to 12 months I you how to do this in our consulting program but having a website like kajabi will handle all of the backend work for you this way you’re not collecting cash not collecting checks doing everything online and it will streamline your whole process.

With that being said yesterday we talked about having an online marketing strategy with emails kajabi has a built-in.

Email integration system that will allow you to send as many emails as you want so you can build an email list have control of that send emails every single day if you want if you’re on my email newsletter right now I send an.

Email every single day for building my sports biz on this channel and that’s something that’s allowed us to massively grow what we do because we have every single day we have an email it’s.

A daily consistent message these are things I want for you as well for your private training business if you have any questions about kajabi and you want to learn more about it.

I’ll even get on a phone call with you I’ll talk to you about it I’ll show you.

How it works so if you want to reach out to me simply go in the comments below just say hey Ben I want to check out kajabi and I’ll send you.


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