My spell best bet you did less stuff flicking the bean is such a funny term to me so just imagine SiC this aggressively yeah oh yeah it’s a flick it’s nothing good about it I prefer petting the bunny hey welcome lo there it’s a it’s game girls time it’s Darren Branson and me and Manuel Van de Ville this.

Jerky fucking awesome name that is beef jerky beef jerky I’m gonna I’m gonna next time we have.

Remind me big you should make him look really scrawny – oh of course just like a real little real wimpy yeah he’s like.

Tony’s not buff at all he’s just jerk welcome back to game grips we’re you’re just expounding on scrawny clown snatch Wi-Fi cuz everyone in the neighborhood would see scrawny clown snacks right right.

And they’d wonder who it is and then I would want to just like drop hints to the neighbors like you see him walking by and it’s like oh yeah you know just watching.

Watching that documentary about Pagliacci you know he was a scrawny clown I would I would do it and try to frame my neighbor for it like I get to wi-fi’s and name one of them Dan’s wife oh I heard Phoebe’s got crossed scrawny clown snatch over there yeah I think that’s what.

It is you should sideswipe and see what happen oh I’m trying to be as safe.

As possible in the road no we’re not.

Fucking falling asleep this is actually like driving 11 hours to Amsterdam I know I’m not supposed to change lanes here but I’m doing it anyway cuz fuck it you’ve.

Got a delivery of gums I made it oh shit I have to fucking do this okay fine that was I just drifted that’s all you didn’t drift typical sorry guys there’s a violent crashy drift boy this would be a lot.

More fun if I had a friend here you do have a friend shit just imagine oh god no I don’t know why it suddenly turned maybe because you were fucking staring full-on into the passenger seat instead of looking at the road well but I’m gonna pass this fucker excuse me driving too slow me and me alone alone do you have a horn and oh maybe what alright radio player oh god it’s a.

Fucking disaster Jesus off the fire wow that guy’s leaving the scene of the crime my god he is out of here what do I do I don’t know Aaron I don’t think turning the.

Steering wheel is gonna do much though oh no oh you’re spilling your contents it’s spilling my chewing gum all over that’s a very liquidy chewing gum uh I think.

I gotta make a call Paul assistance you sustained 23% damage it will take your truck the Grimsby do you agree yeah and then wouldn’t you just suck my dick forever laughs yeah.

That’s that’s a hat man what are you talking about it’s kind of arm coming out the top right oh I think it’s a feather a feather it doesn’t even it’s 1982 graphics dude you could you could equally convince me that it’s a spaceship honestly well I always thought it was a tank a.
Tank you think it’s Paul Ian’s tank.

All right I’m gonna be left an umbrella a person.

A tank lying around yes well I don’t know maybe she’s combat-ready Pauline’s things in Donkey Kong Jesus Christ by.

The way my dear sweet friend Ashley has gotten me back into sharkman Frank Sherman Frank number struck man Frank he was like not even the ocean is greater than friends now he he was a when when Brian and I were at CDB forgive forgive me anyone.

Who’s heard this already are you is a slight at me because.

You’ve said it already and I just don’t remember Wow no this is literally apologizing to anyone deserted before when.

Brian and I were signing CDs and CD Baby they have a warehouse full of every CD they’ve ever created I really like that gesture had yes yes I’m starting to remember yeah and we asked we asked.

Them what’s the craziest CD you have in this entire place and they came back with sharkman Frank.

The greatest treasure and it’s an amazing CD and pirate rock it’s it’s not even rock it’s just pirate stuff and I don’t know I kind of have to hear it but when when we when we first talked about it all of his stuff had one view on YouTube.

Now it has like a hundred and fifty thousand and it is my single greatest feeling of accomplishment of all time so you you started the shark man Frank trend we helped him get the recognition that he deserves well you earned it it’s not like all of those clicks were just curiosity they were people were sharing no it’s the fucking best and what his deal is that he works at a seafood.

Restaurant in South Carolina as like a greeter and he sings pirate songs to the.

People who are like waiting for their tables I guess I think that’s how it works I know so Myrtle Beach man we have to fucking go to Myrtle.

Beach yes it’s my favorite place to go in the whole world is it really no I hate mo okay but.

It’s a it’s a huge vacation destination and fuckin shark when Frank’s there I would give anything I would I’d kill a man would you give up your career yeah I believe it’s match point is it not quite for us Oh what in the name of God what’s happening what did you do I don’t know oh I get.

To choose Jesus cries what did you do I fucking grew wings and flew in a rainbow and kick the shit out of it how did you do that I don’t know oh my god oh my god just fucking deleted her oh my god that was awesome yeah that was a KO victory we did some zero nice serves but toad I didn’t have any hazards because you just stood there like a fucking moron.

Seeing that why didn’t it alright no I can already tell the difficulty was put on like beginner I don’t know man like Ghana are you like just too good is that what’s happening I don’t think I’m too good I think I think.

This was I’m crushing this a little too hard for someone who just picked this out man people who are watching they must be like super riveted I just imagine the people in like.

The Mushroom Kingdom who are like dude let’s put on the tennis game all.

Real intense match alright Luigi’s serving and he’ll sit back Yoshi gets it Yoshi Luigi alright maybe.

Maybe it was just a fluke all right let me just serves again yeah shoots that ball out go just the RET he gets back this is the most intense match we’ve ever seen in a long time and then oh she’s some hot damn yeah gee did you break my back I did show you holy crap gobby dude no kiss.

Me kiss me kiss me kiss me oh I did the thing but you really just have to touch those.


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