Hi good morning this is Sean Rock I’m an occupational therapist and certified hand therapist at the Berlin location I work for Atlantic physical therapy today I’m going to demonstrate the Tyler twist protocol using a thera-band flex bar and this is used to treat lateral epicondylitis pain in this location and this is done by eccentric Lilu loading the extensor.

Tendons okay to do so you want to hold the flexi bar the wrist is going to be in full extension you’re going to take the other hand non-affected hand you’re going to twist the bar.

Into flexion you’re going to bring both arms out at shoulder height hold that position the non-affected wrist it’s going to be held into reflection and I’m going to slowly.

Untwist the bar going down into reflection and that provides an eccentric contraction to the wrist extensors this should be performed fifteen reps three times a day it should be done in a pain free range thanks very much.


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