Sam Donald we met with it the other day Anthony and it hits you in that meeting he’s 21 years old beam looks 21 years old doesn’t necessarily act 21 years old he doesn’t he’s only played three years at the quarterback position I know he’s been on this kid’s got a lot of fun of him a lot to see.

In his young career he’ll get a dose of that today though against his Giants defense who was heavily blitz at multiple formations last week versus the line there we go with a.

Possession for the night and a first down play fake dartle protection bill joong-dal connects quincy a good law is back out there where no one is this is really nice Darnell stays in their backs protection across the board it’s.

Good to see him ketchup all right.

Guy he understood back expect play-action instruments chuckles machine versatile weapon for the Jets darn old puts it to a spot Anderson can’t haul it in get in when the corner comes out and makes this grab you’ve got to secure the ball against.

Your chest quick while driving down third and eight LaRhonda a strong throw from jor-el’s and turning clocks coming down and he’s going to hit the tight end off the edge you see the man the man coverage nobody’s home and good job by Sterling get.

You know we looking at well you know listen we got to start checking boxes to figure out Sam can be the guy command the offense we just saw up there the right checks getting them out of a bad look into a good look confidence is his teammates wanna play play with them every single down we see.

Them embracing and then when the bad plays come can he make those bad plays in the good plays in that series so now if posted 15 after the penalty against the Jets probably it’s not that into this formation try to toss it away before he went out of balance tonight nickel.

Here the Giants with BW Webb turtle slides at the 20-yard line it’s good enough for a first down presents from tard only turned it into 15 yards that’s a great job having that awareness right checking scanning the field the pocket Cana opens up in the middle good job by carpenter.

Just finishing his block and when you feel it you go and this is important right here so quarterbacks are quite short with the setback his talent again using all of the play clock by Anderson had to come ball down where he can catch it down by the sticks way to get it over the defender and top.

Ones night and a one wide receiver package the back is Perez fires complete their.

Top holes when he was running the defense in Arizona incomplete it bounced off of the back shotgun with a pretty mood a blessed missile is the receiving skills of.

Ker well he’s done a lot of this big touchdown in the first preseason game and now he comes back out great dogs sucking at nine hooks up with and a modest gain of 3 yards brings up third down for the Jets and the quick movement by Darnell there and your.

Quarterback doing that that’s tremendous accuracy with that movement people think oh he just rolled out and it’s a quick throw and it’s a.

But that there’s a skill set there that he’s demonstrating week in and week out with that kind of ability motion and he could walk darn old third and six first down jets is Sam Donald he is a weapon I’ll tell his route running.

Is skill set when you got six four receivers on the same side with Quincy in the inside running that banana round the Clemson conic.

Second-year tight end in the Jets this is what I like about.

Darnell he’s trying to get these tight ends on the double post but what he does is he goes to his alternative when it’s covered watch this eyes left he wants the double post it’s not there he’s got a plan he gets the ball to the underneath receiver and they get a touchdown out of it really amazing and then you.

Hear all that the coaches talk about the playbook the mastery of those things you’ve seen.

A lot of young quarterbacks coming to league.

How would you rate him as far as you know his readiness to get on the field now well yeah basically Anthony you know I listen to what Bates has to saying what Todd Bowles has to say and you know it’s such a team game man how that offensive line does and how our defense does I’ve seen Sam.

Dough perform tonight better than I’ve seen any rookies that I can remember really as far as coaching they’re making to see as a player you section you know Peyton excuse me Eli has a ton of yards but he hasn’t been able to score a touchdown so.

See this two minute drill how they want to be prior tried to crow extra yards trying to get to Santa Arnold into native.
Rhythm diving attempt on the interception..


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