You always get everybody hope that you’re having a blessed day and you know what you guys were starting to hit the end of the football season I know I know it’s sad right now everyone’s focuses on the top prospects of the class of 2019 and trying to decide where they’re gonna be going cover while everyone has their eyes.

On this year’s senior class you guys were no Sun and today we’re gonna be looking at one of those young guys who’s trying to make a name for themselves however today is not just one of those.

Guys today we’re going to be taking a look at the guy who’s been making the biggest name for himself so far in his high school career so let me introduce you guys to the number one player in Washington as well as the number one player in the class of 2020 one five star defensive tackle JT – I’m allowed I’m sorry for.

Miss passion name bro it’s similar comment down below the correct way of pronouncing it that would be.

Greatly appreciated JT currently plays for ten-in-one Eastside Catholic High School which is in Washington’s.

3a division which is the second strongest division in Washington JT currently has offers from teams like Oregon Tennessee and USC but right now it looks like his eyes are.

Set on Alabama JT is a six four-and-a-half 277 pound defensive tackle aren’t you guys love this intro I need to show you guys what this rising sophomores doing out on the field.

So let’s get right into this video three to walk out on the field leggo all right so these are gonna be his freshman year highlight so you guys gotta remember that he’s out here just get into the quarterback as you would expect I seen job magazine coverage okay get off me there you go something you always like to see from your defensive players.

A block so far he’s doing a good job there you go I like how I like how even though he hasn’t a clear shot to the cooler to the.

To the play he’s still holding his edge like I’ve I’ve seen so many D tackles India but mainly the end they just get roasted for not setting the edge.

There you go these guys listed as a d tackle but right now he looks like a pretty fast like the end outside linebacker you must have put on a.

Lot of weight last season or in the offseason okay see outside I’m sorry whatever whatever I see plays go down I always always like get to the outside there you go get after him get after him okay I see you up there going high in ooh okay okay there you go wrapping them up guys always make sure that when you’re doing your highlight.

Tapes always make sure to put like the cursor over where you’re at because it just makes it.

So much easier to find out where you are you don’t have to.

Go looking for it cuz college coaches they hit there they’re gonna be looking through a lot of kids so always make sure that you spot like where you’re at home field they’ll give hands-on for you they go the only thing I.

Could say so far is just being like explosive even when you’re in the hole like when you’re in the trenches like making sure that.

You’re still saying explosive cuz like when you’re when you’re trying to make these sidelines this island tackles yeah you’re doing fine cuz you you’re running full-speed but like when you’re in the trenches like you need to be.

Running full speed at everything she’s sitting them down okay I’ll play yourself by yourself ha ha uniforms cold those all orange with the white helmets I’m feeling those you’re coming out like this video like if you think that those uniforms are cold there you go get off the block cold okay hold up I see you all here yeah heat is straight up just pulling through that.

Running bag you had no chance there you go yeah I don’t know how big you got over the offseason but right now you look like a super quick outside linebacker more than.

A defensive tackle oh no played yourself like when you’re always coming off the back side absolutely just laying these kids down I like oh we didn’t okay hold up hold up I don’t think I don’t think a lot of you guys caught that okay look it look at.

The pursuit angle that he starts off with he starts off right here and he realizes okay he’s like he can’t we can’t catch him at this angle.

He immediately changes and starts running up field changes angle boom makes the tackle like that’s that’s some good stuff cuz most most guys they were just try and just out just catch up to him and realize I can’t actually catch.

Up to him instead of just changing your attack or your pursuit angle which he.
Did and he’s laying these kids out.

Jeans nope haha I’ve sewn anything all you DNS like be sure to get your hands up if you can’t get to the quarterback he you could at least bet the pass.

Down there you go I see you running through your even your own team ways to get to the ball I like I like that I like to see you already act like this is a freshman getting active getting them giving their hands active in the in the.

Pass West game like that’s impressive that’s really impressive there you go stopping home oh that was that was to win the state championship game because I was looking at their home I was looking at their record and they want.

To say championship game about one point that is insane there you go there you go holding them there you go send that edge that’s what I’m talking about there you go always getting active any way that you can that’s why I like to see all right then bye so right now JT is six four and he’s 230 which from looking at it he looks exactly like I thought he was he’s just a.

Really athletic outside linebacker but he’s a freshman I can see now why they.

Haven’t braked as a defensive tackle because it’s already so big as a freshman and you probably put on a little bit more weight going into a sophomore year I would you guys the comment down below right now do you think that JT would be a better defensive end or a better outside linebacker because I feel like you showed skills that both like being able to get off of blocks would be really good for defensive tackles in the middle but also.

Able to run from sidelines and silent like you would need a defensive tackle or an outside linebacker.

Today but overall would you guys think of JT be sure to comment it down below I hurt you guys with that being said hope that you guys enjoyed this video baby baby she’ll leave this video a like yo can we use speed at a 500 likes cus Alice me know and you guys enjoyed this video also don’t.

Forget to comment down below any other players that you guys want.

Me to see cuz that’s all I know are you guys I meet a wife’s weekend nope deuce channel and also don’t forget to hit that subscribe button answer your notifications so.
You guys evolving the I’m coming out with.

A hey yeah yeah how’d you guys look at all being said hope that you guys all have a blessed.

Blessed blessed rest every day not catch you guys next video.



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