The swing path el-amin’s gonna throw ethan feel 51 yards hey everybody it’s the coach and this is Madden 19 on e a sports up next we’ve got what should be a great matchup between the New England Patriots and the Chicago Bears with that let’s get out to Venerable Soldier Field in Chicago standing by with the call here are.

Brandon garden and Gerald Davis EA Sports coverage of the NFL brings us to one of our favorite spots venerable Soldier Field in Chicago this was the scene of moment ago as.

The Bears emerge from their tunnel Patriot’s what’s good YouTube is dpw aren’t they you for clicking on my video if you liked the video please leave a.

Like comment subscribe so last video I did was what if obj was the quarterback from their Giants I came out with a 1 so I decided why not do.

What Julian Edelman was the quarterback for the Patriots so this should be a.

Good game because Julian Edelman was actually a quarterback in college he’s a he was a decent quarterback in college.

But he switched positions because people thought he was too small um he has a 54 overall as a quarterback so this should be a good game so unlike the last game will obj I’m.

Gonna be coming out the game just throwing the ball you know using both my legs in my heart so the only way that.

When the game has been it would be a good do it through a quarterback I decided to run the ball in this play I get again that dream gonna run on 37 I try to pass the ball.
To Philippa stickers he’s wide open and I overthrown by a long shot on.

3rd and 7 I have James White the wide open and I don’t know what the that was at all third and 10 right now I have a claim pocket I see Gronkowski wide open and again I hope it throw him our first extent I find Josh.

Scored or wide open on a hook round connect for a gain of 12 I see.

The Blitz come and get about to my skateboard James White for a gain of 6 I’m second a for a fine Gronkowski wide open for a gain of 7 on this play right here I’m using my pocket awareness I see the pressure coming I get out I find Josh going for a.

Gain of 20 I was getting 2 over 1 I thought I was playing with Brady and the.

End of making a dumbass mistake and throwing an interception Rokon Smith coming up a dumb turnover I.

Use my pocket awareness and I get the ball to Phillip Dorsett for a gain of 15 at the final body open I decided to run I get the first time we’re being touching the decided eyes I’m second or 10 I decided to run the ball again I hit a nice little Juke move and get the first time first and 10 and I see the pressure coming so I rose to the right and I see.

Rob and crusty wide open I give it to him he gets.

A first down first and soon I try to confuse the defense and go screen I keep this curtain I didn’t go anywhere I only got 5 yards to James White I’m second I fire that puppy started collapse it.

And I decided to run and I get the first down then go with 15 seconds left I had plenty time I’m talking I probably could I ran I try to do.

The butter robin cuz he and I got.

Intercepting about rook wants to miss our second intent I decide to go play action and goes on the foot to Chris Hogan on I had plenty of time in the pocket a secret soaking but it was to the finish there and a nice wine the ball our second 11 I had plenty of time in the.

Pocket I’m looking and I see John’s corner.

Wide open I deliver the ball to him and he gets a good game of 20 on second intent I find her cuz he’s going through the middle and I throw a quick strike to him on dirt and to I just decide to roll out left and run for a gain of 25 and need of a score a gold bomber Cordell Patterson he blow.

Past his men’s for a touchdown second 15 with a chance to come back and take the lead I find Chris Silva for a gain of.

20 first intent and I’m looking for Chris oka and the ball ends up getting batted away our second at 10th I find Phil as I said through.

The middle he gets stopped quickly.

Third and six I try to get the first one using my legs to end up getting stuck but the line of scrimmage well I’ll come get the dog I lost in a close one seven and ten Julie element had a salad game going 12 for 25 165 yards once listed on two interceptions he also run the ball effectively carrying about six times for 80 yards hey baby.


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