Mark Malone from NBC sports radio here to chat with us about the NFL the 24/7 live Sports Talk Network you can listen at NBC sports radio doc welcome back mark how you been I’m terrific of itself we’re doing good and I know Eagle fans are ready to hit the panic button three and four coming off the Superbowl they.

Got to go to London they’re facing a team.

That they’re basically looking at the mirror at here both of these teams really struggling after some success last year let me ask you when you look at these.

Two one Super Bowl champion the other team made the AFC championship game what struggles do you see that have become an alarming trend.

For these two well I mean when you when you look at the Eagles in particular I’m a little concerned with the fact that Carson.

Wentz who I think is starting to get a little bit better every week is now missing practices with a back and he asked yourself is is that just a back.
Ailment which could be tricky from time to time or is that something that.

Related to you know him favoring the need that he had repaired in the offseason so I’m.

A little concerned about that listen you have a 17 point lead against Carolina in the fourth quarter and you blow that lead I saw Jim Schwartz make some comments this week about you know well it’s just a play here and it’s a play there and in the past we’ve been able to make that up I’m thinking well you know in the NFL that’s the difference between finishing mid-pack in the division and winning a Super Bowl it’s that close so this they’ve.
Got some issues particularly.

On the offensive line and Oh Jason Peters is missing practice time he’s playing with a torn biceps and Wayne Johnson’s got the high ankle sprain and they’re still looking for some continuity on the offensive side of the football but right now this is a game that I think might might define their season I mean I think you gotta find a way to make sure that you.

Get a win out of this thing and hopefully get a couple of people healthy and start moving in the right direction what do you make of Peterson’s comments basically saying the pressures off of us nobody out there is looking at us anymore after last year saying this is the new norm they seem to embrace the pressure after they won the Super Bowl now they don’t want it yeah I should have checked to see if he has minor in psychology or something I obviously Dean you know.
What he says those kinds of things the pressure is on this is this.

Is a production business and it’s.

Not about what you did last year it’s what have you done for me lately.

And so I understand what he’s trying to do you know kind of paint a picture because.

I’m sure he’s saying those things in the meeting and he wants.

That he’s consistent when he talks to the media as well so you know he’s trying to take some pressure off of his football team but the.

Bottom line is you’re going to be judged by wins and if they continue to.

You know go up and down and finish bid packing what is this year not a particularly strong division in my opinion then all of a sudden people are going to you know.


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