The New Orleans Saints preparing for not only the Vikings but perhaps another close game stay tuned the Acme Oyster House afternoon wrap starts right now hi again everybody welcome to the Thursday edition of the Acme Oyster House afternoon wrap and with John DeShazer I’m Sean Kelley as we come to you today from the Astro Sports Performance Center the.

Facilities were practice was today John and the offensive line making news today on the second day of the work week for the New Orleans Saints yeah we know max Unger missed.

Wednesday’s practice with an injured hand he was back but Joshua Revis going on IR so that’s gonna hurt that depth a little bit now.

Cameron Tom is going to have to step up if indeed he needs to play but Andrew speaks back that practice also Larry Woolford at practice both of those guys of the starting guards so Cameron Tom won’t have to do anything if those guys are able to stay on the field but so far so good in terms of injuries in that in that area yeah in that area for the.

Vikings it’s getting better their offensive line is kind of coming back to order after some season injuries or half first half of the season injuries they may be a little short-handed at running back we’ll keep an.

Eye on that as we progress toward Sunday’s game Sunday’s game of course matches up.

The powers in the NFC of course the Vikings are for.

Orleans Saints winners of five straight now at five and one and John that cooks up to be perhaps another heart stopper in the fourth quarter it.
Probably going to be a tight game and then look the Saints want.

To be there in the fourth quarter because they’ve been virtually unstoppable they lead the league thirteen point seven.

Points a game in the fourth quarter in 19 possessions they have ten touchdowns three field goals and five kneel downs and one punt in that fourth quarter so they’ve been getting it done in the fourth quarter extremely well obviously the five kneel downs leading toward victory so they’ve been getting exactly what they want in the fourth quarter those are eye-popping numbers.
For Drew Brees and the Saints.

Offense we have a process we have a strategy throughout the course of a game and you know this thing in a perfect world.

We’d love to start fast and finish strong and score on every drive in between but you know you understand there’s gonna be some back-and-forth and there’s gonna be some give-and-take there’s gonna be some times where you know you’re playing the field position game a little bit or you know maybe the run game is.

Just giving you a two yard to pop and then all of a sudden by the fourth quarter you’ve dented the defense a little bit you wear them.

Down and now the runs are four and five yards of pop so it’s just part of the game it’s part of the process you know we feel like our offense takes a toll on the defense throughout the course of a game just with everything that we throw at him you know you know we try to try to be our best at the end when meanwhile on the defensive side Jon you can’t say it’s bad the Saints have won five in a row but because things have kind of busted in a couple.


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